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Simplify Formatting no longer works



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I'm in Windows (Win 7/64) usually using Firefox (currently version 55). I have problems with all formatting (support says the problem is Firefox). Control+Shift+V does not paste unformatted text; instead, it screws up the formatting for the rest of the note. Simplify or erase formatting doesn't work either.

I'm using prerelease, but this "feature" has been going on for months.

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6.7 is now released,  though there is a lot of discussion about how folks want to see C-S-V work.  Another beta is also being worked on - due out soon,  which might suggest there's unfinished business with some of the suggested changes / fixes...


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These functions are broken in Windows desktop Evernote!

  • Simplify formatting
  • Remove formatting 
  • Paste and Match Style

Even when copying from clipboard to and using Ctrl+Shift+V (paste and match stlye), it does not remove the formatting.

I am using it so much so this is really disturbing experience now.

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