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  1. Anyone know why Evernote is so slow lately? Takes forever for notes to load and/or create new notes. Have even gone back to version ... but hasn't solved the problem. Thanks.
  2. I'm using desktop version on Windows 10 Pro (Surface Pro 4). Version 6. 6. 4.5512 (305512) Public
  3. I used to be able to right click within a note and use Simplify Formatting .... to strip unwanted fonts etc Does anyone know why it no longer works?
  4. I keep hitting the 250 notebook limit. Is there anywhere in Evernote that shows the current number of Notebooks a user has. Thanks.
  5. I use Evernote as a bookmark manager. I have a note containing 5 bookmarks: apple orange banana plum peach I can click on each bookmark/link individually and have them appear in firefox (5 clicks) but I wish to have all 5 links simultaneously open in firefox at the same time (1 click). Does anyone know how I can do this. Thanks steve
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