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Searching in Evernote, Wrike-tasks, Skype-chats, mind maps and other repositories

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I store my data on loads of different storages. Of course, sometimes I need to find information fast and the search needs to be chained to a specific concept (especially when I don’t feel like searching everywhere: in Evernote, Wrike, Skype, MindMeister, GoogleDocs etc.). I came up with the idea to create an application, which would help find information in different locations. In addition, the search will take into account the word forms, cognate words of different parts of speech, close associative words and synonyms.

After a while the list of supported platforms for searching may be expanded.

My questions:

1. Is there a chance you would be interested in such product?
2. Probably, similar functionality already exists?
3. From your point of view, does the idea have any market potential?

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7 hours ago, kolchakA said:

1. Is there a chance you would be interested in such product?
2. Probably, similar functionality already exists?

I’ve solved the issue of finding my data by using Evernote.  I have all my data listed in this product, and there are search/organization features

I store the actual file as an attachment to a note; or if stored elsewhere, I store a link

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Gazumped - Is X1 Search able to search your Evernote notes?  I used X1 years ago but may look into it again if it can search Evernote (and The Brain).  Outlook, Evernote and The Brain are the places I need to search often.

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Hmmn.  My 'default' search is in Evernote,  then X1 is my backup if that doesn't work,  to 'Evernote' the rest of my storage.

Just checked in XI for a couple of notes that have been in Evernote for a while,  and it appears we do not have a match anywhere;  but that is probably because my database is a huge single file (windows,  17GB) and either 1) is too big to index at all as one lump or 2) is excluded by my X1 settings which (IIRC) allowed me to set an upper limit for files to be indexed,  and I chose <250MB on the basis that anything larger would be media or backup files.

You'd be better off - if I may suggest - talking to X1 - they'll be able to confirm whether your database could be searched.  Unless things have changed,  Evernote saves largely plain text,  so you should be able to find character strings in the usual way.  If X1 fails,  the thing to do may be to export the whole database to ENEX files (which would also give you a convenient backup...)

An app like Bakupery (which saves your account to ENEX files) could help there.

- Having had a sneaky look in my own ENEX files,  there's a lot of text but if nothing else the created date of a note comes through loud and clear,  so you could quickly find likely notes directly in Evernote,  after checking for the right details in X1.

So.  Not a simple answer,  but I hope that helps.. :)


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Thank you.  I downloaded X1 to give it a try.  Evernote is definitely not searchable in X1 (many unanswered requests for EN and ON on the X1 forums).  However, X1 does search The Brain notes, although not thought names.  So, my search workflow will be Evernote and then X1.  Not an ideal solution but it will help a lot.

Thank you again!

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