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  1. I want to thank JohanDahlberg for starting this topic. I've been an Evernote user for so long that I've gotten stale and repetitive in my usage of it. I use The Brain a lot more now than I use Evernote but reading through these ideas is making me realize how powerful and useful Evernote is. I am 4 notes short of 20,000 and I'm sure I'll get there just by clipping four of the above ideas. I wish we had more topics like this as opposed to the "Why I'm leaving Evernote", etc. Whenever I start using new software (Notion, The Brain, task managers), I often try to figure out ways to get some of my Evernote data into those programs. It's just easier to keep it in Evernote and expand my use of it. I had forgotten about IdeaPlaces, for example - a great tool. Thanks for the kick in the butt, Johan, and all of the above contributors.
  2. I imported over 19,000 notes from Evernote into Notion a few days ago. I was amazed how quickly it worked and I received a $5 credit from Notion for using the new Evernote importer. However, I'm finding out now that many, many notes did not import. And it appears to be random, not based on any particular type of Evernote note. I may try re-importing one notebook at a time. My largest single notebook in Evernote has 8796 notes and many of those didn't import into Notion. I want Notion to have a full backup of all of my Evernote notes but if some are missing, it kills that idea. I'm going to do further research.
  3. Gazumped, Thank you. I downloaded X1 to give it a try. Evernote is definitely not searchable in X1 (many unanswered requests for EN and ON on the X1 forums). However, X1 does search The Brain notes, although not thought names. So, my search workflow will be Evernote and then X1. Not an ideal solution but it will help a lot. Thank you again!
  4. Gazumped - Is X1 Search able to search your Evernote notes? I used X1 years ago but may look into it again if it can search Evernote (and The Brain). Outlook, Evernote and The Brain are the places I need to search often.
  5. I found my Welcome to Evernote note, dated 3/21/08. Actually, there are a bunch dated earlier than that, but they were imported from OneNote. And, I remember playing around with the timeline version (reminded me of a roll of register tape). Here is my second note: (I guess I figured it out, since I now have 17,827 notes) Thanks, Stepan!!
  6. Maxrigging, In my opinion, The Brain is much, much more than mind mapping. At first view, I can see where it would look like that. However, spend more than a few minutes on it, watch some videos and you will really understand the depth of the software. I use it in conjunction with Evernote, dropping note links in as appropriate. The Brain forums have a lot of discussion threads on using Evernote and The Brain. Check them out. Here is a good place to start: http://forums.thebrain.com/post/brain-and-evernote-im-in-trouble-6134484?highlight=evernote The Brain is currently working on Version 9 Beta which promises even tighter integration with Evernote and other software. I use both programs extensively and couldn't imagine ditching either one. After a while, you'll get into a rhythm as to which one to use for a particular problem. Give it some time - it really grows on you.
  7. Thanks for the tip on Reflect. I have an Evernote notebook just for Motivational Ideas and Quotes. I've now set up a schedule in Reflect to randomly see 10 of those each day. Great way to start the day and find something that resonated with me at some point in my life. http://www.reflectapp.io/
  8. Tabs can be nested. So the first level is comparable to the list view of an Evernote notebook. But if you have nested/sub tabs, then it's clearly different from Evernote. Having said that, I still prefer the way Evernote (is supposed) to work/used to work for me. IE, with Onenote, each notebook is a different file and you can close notebooks (files). But...Onenote's search only searches the open notebooks. So far, with my migration to Onenote, I probably have 20 or more notebooks (and I'm not even half done with the migration) b/c Onecloud limits the size of the notebooks to 2 gigs. The beauty of Evernote is that everything is one file. If I accidentally put a note in a wrong notebook, I can still usually find it pretty quickly. In fact, 75% of my searches were across *all* notebooks. But with Onenote, if I don't have ALL my notebooks open, I may not find that errant note... ...which is why I am so sad/mad/angry that Evernote becomes unusable on the Windows and iOS clients, once you have a few thousand notes. For a 100 year company, they sure seem to think people don't want to remember very many things. BnF - I'm only at 11,000 notes but I occasionally run into problems with Evernote freezing on Windows. To be fair, though, I see that often on my computer... I really want to stick with Evernote but when I read your forum entries, I start getting nervous that I'm going to have an unusable system down the road. As far as I know, I haven't lost any notes, just some sluggishness on occasion. I go back to OneNote sometimes, hoping it will cure all of the world's problems (ok, just mine). I love the layout options in ON but it is just not as easy to get stuff in there from as many sources as I use as Evernote is. I've even tried using an IFTTT recipe to add a new OneNote note each time I create a new note in Evernote. That hasn't worked as cleanly as I had hoped. Can you give me an idea of what kind of problems you run into? It seems like it is a lot worse than just sluggishness. I need to pick one and stop looking back. Whenever I've tried to use both, my brain hurts!
  9. forevernoted - I use Feedly and Evernote together regularly. The workaround to paying for Feedly Premium is to use Pocket. I save anything in Feedly that I want to go into Evernote into Pocket (free). Then, I have an IFTTT recipe (free) which adds anything new in Pocket into Evernote. Works like a charm!
  10. I have a calendar reminder at 4:30 every day to sort notes by last edited. I select all notes edited today and make a TOC note. I title this with a date stamp of today and tag it journal. I add any additional notes for the day's journalI save all those date stamped journal notes in a single journal folder. This gives me an easy way to not only see what I did each day, but a link to the detailed notes of the tasks. Mark923 - I like your idea of a TOC note for each day. I use the PlaceMe app. Each day I automatically get a new Evernote note, listing every place that I visited yesterday and every note created at each place (including home and office).
  11. The same thing happens with Evernote links in The Brain. They also say Welcome Back when you paste the note link. Takes a few extra steps to do the same workaround that lenarr mentioned but it works. I wish there was an easier way....
  12. I just noticed that this had been mentioned last year: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35115-copy-paste-msg-file-from-outlook-to-en/
  13. flatlanderdox, I had always read that the only way to do that was to drag the message to the desktop and then to drag it into Evernote. Too clumsy, particularly since I always run full screen on both monitors and I hide all icons anyway. So, I just tried a different approach. I dragged the email into one of my Evernote import folders and... voila! Works like a charm. A new note is in my Evernote Inbox notebook (my default). The note title is the subject message of the email and the .msg attachment is in there. I can now gather thoughts on my reply directly in the note and, when I'm ready, open the .msg attachment and reply! Thank you for asking the question - my entire email workflow has just changed! tomcal
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