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  1. Hi! My ideas (notes to save to Evernote) usually come to me when I drive my car. The problem is that I need to execute the following steps for that: activate screen find evernote shortcut location click it click add note button click to select the input mode wait for it to be activated (after saying my note) - click Apply exit from the created note You know, it is pretty risky for me to divert attention from the road (for this algo). It really takes me about 5 seconds and it can cost me life. Is there any way to avoid attention distraction? Please share your experience or let`s brainstorm :)
  2. I store my data on loads of different storages. Of course, sometimes I need to find information fast and the search needs to be chained to a specific concept (especially when I don’t feel like searching everywhere: in Evernote, Wrike, Skype, MindMeister, GoogleDocs etc.). I came up with the idea to create an application, which would help find information in different locations. In addition, the search will take into account the word forms, cognate words of different parts of speech, close associative words and synonyms. After a while the list of supported platforms for searching may be expanded. My questions: 1. Is there a chance you would be interested in such product? 2. Probably, similar functionality already exists? 3. From your point of view, does the idea have any market potential?
  3. Hello! Can you provide me C# .NET example on API search through all notes function?
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