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Windows application SUPER SLUGGISH after last Evernote update

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[I sent this out via Evernote Support on May 4th and besides a computer-generated email response saying "we got your support request and we'll be in touch with you", Evernote Support (and I am a Premium paying customer) has been silent for 4 days]:

We are back to square one: months ago I complained about the terrible, sluggish performance of Evernote when typing a note. The next update of Evernote cleared out the issue. Everything wonderfully well after that corrective update. Unfortunately, the latest update, "version (304720) Public" which was I installed about 2-3 weeks ago is terrible. We are back to the problem I had earlier: when typing in a note VERY sluggish performance. It's like I'm typing through molasses.

This is happening on this, my personal Evernote Premium account, on a Windows 10 PC AND a separate work account (another Evernote Premium account), on a Windows 7 Pro PC. So, clearly, the problem is NOT my computer. It IS your software. PLEASE fix this! It is ruining my productivity. Thank you. Please stop releasing buggy updates that ruin perfectly well functioning software! Your Quality Control department needs to do a much better job of vetting updates to make sure you are not deploying buggy software!

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Hi.  I'm using the same Evernote version with a a fairly big database (nearly 40,000 notes) and typing in notes is not a problem.  It's always difficult to know why one device is fine and another has issues,  but I'd suggest you wait for a human response from Support.  They can take you through reinstalls and refreshes which might help fix the lag.  Although there are a few reports of bad performance,  this isn't an obvious bug that can be corrected without further input from individuals.  Other Windows users seem fairly happy with the latest version (or are concerned with other issues) otherwise it would be much noisier around here.

Given Evernote's huge user base - and presumably therefore heavy support traffic - a few days' delay in getting back to you is not exceptional - but if it goes over a week,  please post your ticket number here;  we can at least get a forum Admin to look into any delays for you.  -We're (mainly) users here in the Forum,  not Evernote staff.


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Evernote support has finally reached out to me and I am sending them information and logs Etc. It is interesting that I'm having this happen on two separate machines running two different versions of windows with two separate Evernote accounts. It's also interesting that this is exactly like the problem that existed before and when that problem existed Evernote had told me that it was a known issue with their software. As a matter of fact they encouraged me to download a beta version of the next software and that worked. And then of course that next version of software with the correction replaced the beta version. Things were going quite well for a few months and then bang here we go back to square one same problem of sluggish typing. I hope they reexamine their code and fix the problem thanks

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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

First rule of tech - the 'obvious' cause is rarely the real issue..   ;)

Yeah, been there done that many times in over 40 years of doing tech. I will say in all those years, Evernote is close to the top of the list for having the nasty habit of breaking things that were working before with their "latest updates". They really need to improve their quality control standards when it comes to the release of a version of their software. I've observed this only with their Windows application. Android, it's a different (way better) story.

Needless to say, I'm going through the drill with their tech support of sending logs, etc.....

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On 8/22/2019 at 6:44 PM, Oded Kraft said:

Could you let me know what eventually resolved this issue? My Evernote is getting to be very sluggish

Hi.  Is it just Evernote,  or are any other apps affected?  What version of Windows are using and have you tried any general system cleanups? Whatever worked for @mdvanouse may not work for you...

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This thread went cold in 2017, and now it is reopened with „is there anything new to know“ ?!

Yes, but IMHO it makes no sense to do this on a cold case like this.

Better open a new thread, describe your IT-situation, post your issue, and wait for others to join in.

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