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Leaving a sinking ship



Have now had enough of paying Premium membership and getting no support and waiting so long for notes to open.  I am also fed up with Evernote just washing its hands of us faithful customers, who have advised other people in the past to get this fantastic app.

The silence from the support team is disgusting.  I have over 1500 notes, can someone tell me how to export them all rather than singly.  I mainly work on iPad?


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@Silvercountess - for OneNote exists a import tool offered by Microsoft. I have already gave it a try and it imports from my 1.000 notes nearly all w/o an problem, only did not work and the import tool has shown me the notes which I have to take care about manual. The only issue were the Evernote tables - they were imported as a kind of formated text w/o the grid...so for me the import tool works fine and a move towards OneNote was with respect to moving notes from one platform to the other like a walk in the park :-)

But I stayed with Evernote - I pnly migrated back to V7 and changed from premium to a plus account. Reason was that for me Evernote was still the better note taking solution - this may change for me when the company I'm working for will roll out OneNote in a few months.

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Hi.  You're obviously frustrated with the latest update,  which seems to be pretty common at the moment,  but we're a mainly user-supported forum and Evernote support doesn't usually comment here.  If you've submitted support tickets and heard nothing,  then please post your ticket number(s) here and we can ask an Admin to look into it.  

As to exporting notes,  it depends what you want to export them into - the best option is to log into your account from a desktop so you can use Evernote's HTML export,  or output them to PDF files.  Other note-taking apps may have their own Evernote import options.

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1 hour ago, Silvercountess said:

I have over 1500 notes, can someone tell me how to export them all rather than singly.  I mainly work on iPad?

Your export options are limited if you're sticking to the IOS platform.  

The only solution I found was cloudHQ, which exports your notes to a Google/Dropbox drive.  

The Win/Mac platforms have a built in export feature.

Personally, I don't consider this to be a "sinking ship".  Evernote continues to work well for me, and I'm not willing to give up the EN features


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