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  1. @Silvercountess - for OneNote exists a import tool offered by Microsoft. I have already gave it a try and it imports from my 1.000 notes nearly all w/o an problem, only did not work and the import tool has shown me the notes which I have to take care about manual. The only issue were the Evernote tables - they were imported as a kind of formated text w/o the grid...so for me the import tool works fine and a move towards OneNote was with respect to moving notes from one platform to the other like a walk in the park :-) But I stayed with Evernote - I pnly migrated back to V7 and changed fro
  2. @DTLow - No OneNote has no presentation mode - but OneNote is free of charge, it is available within many business environments thanks to it's integration into Office and Windows 10. But I do not want to start here one of these generall discussions Evernote vs. OneNote. With my post I just wanted to point out that with removing features which were previously promoted as main differentiators Evernote is loosing or at least reducing their competitive advantage...
  3. Finaly got yesterday feedback from the support. They stopped my 12 month "premium" plan subscription which I just renewed early January with full refund. For me this is the clear sign that presentation mode seems not to be included in one of the next updates :-( So now I can downgrade to the "plus" plan or decide to leave Evernote. Just transfered all my notes to OneNote and will give it a try - as w/o the presentation mode there is for my use case (taking notes in meetings) with except of the tags and the more powerfull search not so much left that justify to pay for a service that is f
  4. @DTLow - I already opened a support ticket one week ago and asked if I can downgrade to "Plus" and receive refund for the difference between "Plus" and "Premium". But guess what? No answer at all....
  5. As many others I'm subscribed Premium because of the fact that presentation mode is only available in this plan. Just renewed Premium early January and now just some days later this feature is gone. Sorry, but this makes me feel kind of ripped of. I'm a heavy Evernote user who recommends this service to lot of colleagues - but this policy has made me to look after alternatives - so I just installed OneNote...
  6. This was one of the options which makes Evernote so useful - please bring back the option to insert links. I will have to start now using again my netbook.... A little bit of topic but at the end related to this topic - with every new version of the Windows, Android, iOS or web version the capabilities and user interfaces become more and more different - I work currently with all 4 versions (Windows = Home PC / Web = Work PC / iOS = iPad for travelling and for meetings / Android = cell phone) and handling their different user interfaces is becoming more and more a nightmare if now in addition
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