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  1. I've deleted and reinstalled several times to no avail
  2. Have now had enough of paying Premium membership and getting no support and waiting so long for notes to open. I am also fed up with Evernote just washing its hands of us faithful customers, who have advised other people in the past to get this fantastic app. The silence from the support team is disgusting. I have over 1500 notes, can someone tell me how to export them all rather than singly. I mainly work on iPad?
  3. A refund of this month's membership would show goodwill.
  4. Why no word from Evernote?????? Am also sick of putting App Store password in.
  5. Well upgraded now 8.0.3 and still the same on iPad fgs.
  6. iPhone fine and deleting and reinstalling but iPad a nightmare opening PDF notes. I'm fed up trying different things surely Evernote should find a solution especially when I'm paying Premium membership, not even an apology!!!
  7. I hate this version. I have over 1500 notes, before I could leave a note and next time I opened Evernote it would still be there. On iPad it closes then even putting in shortcuts or favourites I have to wait for it to open again. As well as work, I use for creating knitting patterns which are then saved as PDFs - It is a nightmare having to reopen to see next part of pattern. I would also like the recent list longer. I have used Evernote for over ten years.
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