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Evernote Web Notebook List Crashes


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I'm using Evernote exclusively on the web.

I have number of notebooks, each with a bunch of notes.

Problem: Today I tried to move a note from one notebook to another. When I click on the notebook selector for the note, all the notebooks show up. But as I scroll down through the notebooks, suddenly most of them disappear from the list.

Problem: When I search for the notebook, it gives me no results.

Partial work-around: I can access the notebook I am looking for by using the down-arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar for the list - it lets me scroll through the list without crashing. Very weird.

Problem: I did try to submit a ticket for this, but Evernote's ticketing interface appears to be broken, or at least I did not find any way to access the ticketing interface, if it exists. "Contact Support" was a dead end. "Very sad," to coin a phrase. :-)

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I am running into the same issue.  I am able to see all my notebooks using the Mac and on my iOS verison.  The web version exibits the behavior you mention (although I don't seem to be able to use the down arrow safely in my case, most of them still vanish at some point).  I see the issue both when using the notebook list to select a notebook and when trying to move a note using its top menu.

Oddly enough, I don't see it when using Chome 55 on a Mac, but I do when using 56 on Windows.

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CaptBeatty - Thanks for that info.

So it appears the problem is a Chrome issue, not an Evernote issue. It also seems to work fine with Edge. I'll see if Chrome needs a bug report.

gazumped - Thanks, didn't know that only subscribers get to submit tickets. Would be lovely if the blasted site made that clear. I'm sick to death of poorly designed web pages that hide information which shouldn't be hidden. 

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