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  1. FYI... I just updated my Mac version of Chrome and it now exhibits the same problem. Chrome 55 was fine, Chrome 56 has the notebook list issue.
  2. I am running into the same issue. I am able to see all my notebooks using the Mac and on my iOS verison. The web version exibits the behavior you mention (although I don't seem to be able to use the down arrow safely in my case, most of them still vanish at some point). I see the issue both when using the notebook list to select a notebook and when trying to move a note using its top menu. Oddly enough, I don't see it when using Chome 55 on a Mac, but I do when using 56 on Windows.
  3. I am using the new update, which I am quite fond of. I have noticed though that whatever note is being shown on the right side (note list being on the left) is being marked as updated and synced every time I open the app on my iPad. Is anyone else seeing this? There never seems to be an actual change... the note is not messed up in any way, just the change date. I probably would not have even noticed except I do an 'end of day' review of all notes changed that day for task processing and began to notice old notes at the top.
  4. "Doesn't seem to be a way to have different pages within the same book"... that is what I came here looking for and I actually have figured it out. When between steps 1 and 2 in the above instructions, you will see "select" in the upper right. Choose this, select the sheets you want to change, and then change the paper using step 2 above.
  5. I use an Apple Pencil with Penultimate and have been very happy with the performance. The only glitch that I have seen is that on rare occasions, my resting hand comes onto the page and the pencil does not make a mark. Just have to quickly repeat the stroke. It is rare, and likely caused by me being left handed.
  6. Getting used to the new Penultimate. Hated the update at first, but to be honest, with the drift added back, I find I can use it quite well again. Like in all things, change is hard, but not always bad. One issue I do have though... My inbox routine (GTD based) is to create things quickly in my inbox, but then to end my planning session each morning with it empty... all notes tagged and filed. I used to consider the Penultimate notebook one of my 'inboxes' as it is where new Penultimate notes would go. I can't do this any longer it seems... by emptying my inbox of Penultimate notes, I can't seem to create one there. Unless I keep a bogus note in my inbox, I have to create new notes in other folders where I only usually only allow tagged and processed notes. Is there a way to create my new Penultimate notes in my empty inbox so that they are where I expect when I go to review, tag, and sort my notes? Barring that, is there at least a way I can tag the notes from within Penultimate so I can at least not have my meeting notes go into my notebooks without being tagged by client? I know I could create a notebook per client, but I would prefer to avoid that as I use tags rather than notebook for most of my organization.
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