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  1. I have not noticed the website getting any slower. The website's load speed is longer, probably because the scripts have quadrupled in size? I don't know how the amount of data I keep compares, but it's not a lot. The bulk would be the site itself.
  2. I came here to say this. I want links in notes to be uncomplicated. Right now they go to a freakin' interstitial and I have to click "Continue". Links should just work, darn it. CTRL-Click to a new window. SHIFT-Click to a new browser instance. It used to be I could just keep a link in the note info, and it would appear when I opened the note. For some reason you guys removed that. It was convenient, so of course you removed it. (Not even the first time you did that.) -.-
  3. For what it's worth, I just noticed that the Chrome bug even affects Chrome UI features like its drop-down list of bookmark folders.
  4. CaptBeatty - Thanks for that info. So it appears the problem is a Chrome issue, not an Evernote issue. It also seems to work fine with Edge. I'll see if Chrome needs a bug report. gazumped - Thanks, didn't know that only subscribers get to submit tickets. Would be lovely if the blasted site made that clear. I'm sick to death of poorly designed web pages that hide information which shouldn't be hidden.
  5. I'm using Evernote exclusively on the web. I have number of notebooks, each with a bunch of notes. Problem: Today I tried to move a note from one notebook to another. When I click on the notebook selector for the note, all the notebooks show up. But as I scroll down through the notebooks, suddenly most of them disappear from the list. Problem: When I search for the notebook, it gives me no results. Partial work-around: I can access the notebook I am looking for by using the down-arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar for the list - it lets me scroll through the list without
  6. "We added this feature" ~ Ah, yes, there it is. I'll try out what the interface looks like now. Thanks for letting me know. -- Helge
  7. Thank you for the feedback, SChen. Can you help us understand some of the features that you're missing so this feedback is more actionable? We've made a lot of improvements since last year to address user problems and would like to continue the conversation. Thanks in advance, Nancy Nancy, my OP had specific items called out. I'll repeat them below:
  8. Thanks. I just found that, too. I'd send feedback to Evernote's developers, but they've insulated themselves right good from feedback. Even "Contact Us" just leads to this forum. XD
  9. I allowed Evernote to move me from the old interface to the new beta interface. What a mistake! Is there a way to move back? I sure hope so, because the beta is completely unusable for me. I use Evernote to save links, kind of like Delicious used to do it. Go to a note, click on the link, and go to the site. The beta doesn't let me do that, anymore. The link is available only in the Info dialog, and it isn't clickable. There's no way to add links to a note, it seems, so I can't even copy the link out of the Info dialog into the note text. Has anyone here figured out how to deal with all
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