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Large Text Note Would Not Save - Bug?

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The wife happiness factor is an important thing - and it almost went to zero yesterday.

My wife needed to dictate a paper.  So, I jumped to the rescue, started a new note, and showed her how to use the Google Voice Keyboard*.  

She dictated a 23,000 character note over the next hour and half (doing some editing during the process).

I asked her if she had saved recently?  After getting a "what's that" look, I took the tablet and touched the Check Mark.  I saw a "toast" or "alert" that said "Saving Note to Inbox" - but - the check mark would not go away.  That made me go, "Ut Oh!!!!!!!!!!"  I quickly copied the note to the clipboard.  Then, tried over and over to save the note.  I checked on my desktop Evernote after syncing, and sure enough, it was just a blank note.  I had to kill Evernote on the tablet and reopen it to get anywhere in Evernote.  And, sure enough, the note was lost.  Thank GOD I copied it - I put it into Google Docs and save the day for my wife.

Since then, I created a new note, and pasted that same 23,000 characters of text - and I was able to save.  Huh?

Is this a memory management bug in Evernote / Android?  Maybe because she was using the Google Voice keyboard?  I didn't get any "Low Memory" alerts from Android.

All in all, just concerning as I depend on Evernote to "Remember Everything," not loose it - ESPECIALLY when it's for my wife! :-)


* Didn't Evernote use to have a feature directly in it to do dictation?  Where did that go?

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