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  1. Since merging after the fact is supported (as mentioned above) as is appending to a note via email, someone on Evernote's team thought there was value in allowing the appending to notes those two ways many years ago as I've used those features for many years. Therefore, it's not a big leap to include that ability in the web clipper if you are talking about Evernote's philosophy. (What the developers have time to do and what is a priority is a different argument.) Evernote is a fairly blank slate tool that seems designed to support different workflows for different people. Clipping a note into an existing note is obviously a workflow that is useful to some customers given the age of and activity on this thread. Obviously, no one for whom that's not part of their workflow would be required to append notes. However, those folks shouldn't dictate what's an appropriate workflow for others.
  2. I believe i'm running the lastest Mac version as of the time I posted this: v 10.2.4 build 1949 public Editor: v111.0.14414 Service: v1.21.2 A note I just updated duplicated after I added some text near the top and changed formatting by adding heading styles. I know this is a problem that's cropped up before so I"m reporting so the devs know there's still a bug related to this there somewhere. During the Beta or Preview (I don't remember which) this happened when pasting in images. I did not paste in an image but I did paste in formatted text including an external link to a Google Doc from one Evernote note to another. I can't say for sure that the duplication happened at exactly that time, but I only made a small number of changes to the note that duplicated. I did get the warning about the duplicate, which is when I noticed.
  3. Maybe but I don't think so. Since if I have two items in a bulleted list that have a checkbox at the beginning of them, they don't get automatically changed to a check list. Sounds more like a bug to me than intended behavior. It's certainly not what I expect as a user since if I wanted. check list, I would have chose check list, not spent the time to format something as a bulleted list then added a checkbox. Also, checklist and checkboxes must be implemented different as one causes strikeout and the other just checks the box. One of the reasons I don't use checklist, is I don't want strikeout in many cases.
  4. This is a feature I've wanted for years, and one of the main things I missed when I switched from being a OneNote user (10+ years) to an Evernote user (about 10 years now). While I'd accept it being inserted like a code block as suggested, I would prefer to see this implemented a bit more naturally as it is in OneNote. Make it so that if you double-click on a bullet, all of the subsection bullets and text indented under that will bullet disappear. There then needs to be an indicator that there is something hidden, but double-clicking on it again, will unhide that text. I found this really helpful when I had longer notes with specific sections such as a list of tasks that each had step-by-step directions for something. I could keep the directions collapsed/hidden to not clutter the note but I could still easily see an overview of everything in a note. I tried (and have somewhat) reproduced this in Evernote by using multiple notes, but that is often unnecessary, extra work. Here's a visual of what I described:
  5. I can reproduce this reliably if the checkbox is at the beginning of a bulleted list with one item. See the line that begins with "If not" in the attached screen recording. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_0297.MP4
  6. Since the current software can merge two notes without a formatting disaster, it seems odd that appending is so difficult. It seems like basically the same operation.
  7. I had the keychain prompt for the first time today despite making no changes to my Mac user account/password or updating MacOS. Same dialog box text as posted at the top of the thread: "EvernoteSpotlight want to use your confidential information store in 'Evernote' in your keychain." I use Evernote daily, have only one account (Premium), and started getting that password prompt today. I have not restarted the Evernote in a few days nor did I restart it when I was prompted for the password. I do occasionally authenticate using Google credentials, but usually, I just login in directly using my Evernote username. Below is my platform and client version information in case that helps developers: Mac OS 10.14.4 Evernote: Version 7.10 (457750 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)
  8. Maybe there is something off with the way the forum voting works? There are more comments supporting the idea than votes for the feature. Maybe I just missed up voting, but I commented in support of this almost two years ago, and I didn't have a vote recorded. (I just rectified that now.) In case it's significant to the project managers, I moved from OneNote to Evernote 8 years ago (according to my oldest note) and have been paying for it for over half that time. (I don't remember when I first subscribed.) I use all of the following applications regularly: Mac OS client, Evernote Web Clipper in Chrome, Android client, and iOS client. I've also regularly advocated for and presented it to others as a reference system for keeping notes and archiving content from other sources especially getting useful information out of email. (However, I work in education so I've backed off on that a bit when talking to teachers due to the cost for features such as emailing in notes.)
  9. As I just discovered on this thread about email appending, Evernote has that feature when emailing in. Wouldn't much of the same code with regard to edge cases and appending be used for writing the append info into a note regardless of whether it was captured using the Web Clipper or via an email forward?
  10. I'd actually rather it have a manual option than automatic (or at least a small, medium, large choice) as sometimes I want to really see the image in detail, but most of the time a thumbnail would be fine. Also, width resizing is already automatic but that still makes for a much larger (height-wise) image view than necessary at times.) Sometimes the best reason to have an image in a note is so that a search on text in the image will find the note later. Whether automatic or not, the ability to shrink the view (not edit the actual image file) as described above would be very helpful on the OS X and Windows versions of Evernote to provide a little more control of the formatting of a notes page. (I'm not looking to make it a word processor but some formatting makes it easer to read longer notes later.) That is one of the features I miss from Microsoft OneNote. I was a huge OneNote user (and trainer) for many years. (I even switched to Evernote about five years ago then went back to OneNote.) However, I'm back to Evernote (congratulations to the developers for all the improvements in the past five years) and sticking with it now having given up OneNote. This is primarly due to Evernote's ease of use across the four platforms I use. (Android phone, iPad, Windows laptop, and occasionally a MacBook.) I'm now heavy Evernote user (and training others on it), but there is definitely room for improvement with regards to note formatting. Resizing an image "preview" is a component of that. I suspect one issue with giving the user a size choice for an image view is that would complicate how the current automatic preview size works especially on mobile devices, which already have the ability to tap the image and see it full-screen. Maybe just providing a small/medium/original choice with original keeping the current automatic rescaling based on width would be a best of both worlds.
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