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  1. Fine. I didn't understand (or look into) the details properly and clearly had too much hope... Meh, do you know if there are any plans for better PDF management and search on the Web client then? Or whether there's some plan to at least survey how many Linux users would pay for a properly done Desktop client?
  2. I'd really appreciate the awesome PDF features that are on the desktop clients on EvernoteWeb. (preferably on the "old" version where it still looks like the windows evernote desktop - the new version is so much more cumbersome to use and creates multiple copies of my notes everytime it refreshes... but that's a separate issue) I have been a premium member for years and my main box needs to be linux. I can use a Windows box and all the nice premium features for evernote desktop sometimes, but that's not always possible, and I totally don't get my money's worth when I'm using EvernoteWeb. None of the Linux clones of the evernote desktop have the PDF viewing, searching and annotating features that the Windows one has. Now that you're basically Google, surely there are enough resources to either: a) give the linux premium users the same EvernoteDesktop that Windows and Mac get, or b), Make a "Premium EvernoteWeb" that has the same PDF etc features. Thanks
  3. This has been happening to me since about April. Everytime I edit/add a note on Evernote Web, it starts to create copies. The longer that I leave the EvernoteWeb tab and that note open, the more copies it makes of the note. Even if I've not changed note, it makes a duplicate. I've had 27 duplicates of the same note that I had to go through to check it was the latest version, just because I left the machine and went for lunch. This doesn't happen on the windows desktop clients. But it happens on a windows platform in Evernote Web. On my Ubuntu machine, I've tried both Firefox, all updated, and Chromiu browser, all updated. But Evernote Web keeps duplicating notes. The duplicated notes then sync to my android Evernote App. It's incredibly annoying, and is hamperimg my ability to work across my platforms - which was the whole point of Evernote in the first place. Any fixes yet?
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