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  1. ^⌥⌘T does not bring up the Edit tag... Window (pop-up) I can bring it up by dropping the notes ••• "More actions" menu or menu > Notes, but there needs to be a working quick key. I also wish the Edit tag window was truly a Tag editor window. Currently, this pop-up window only allows Add, remove, & create tags. But Evernote needs this to be a Global Tag editor window which additionally allows Rename, Move, Merge (combine), Select (multiple tags highlighted for editing) for Batch Editing (the ability to Move, Merge, and Rename a group of tags --- is a very needed functi
  2. Barry's 10.1.4 post & the update reveals no coming change for tags. EV needs a Tag Window that allows for comprehensive Tag Editing. I'd love to hear that a better Tag editing system is being given serious attention. Better yet, I'd enjoy knowing it is tasked for a coming update. Step 1 Return to a tag window with functions as it was in 7.14. Step 2 Merge multiple tags Move multiple tags Rename multiple tags Step 2 Section 2 Add these tag editing functions in the Tag pop-up menu accessed through a notes Tag-bar at the bottom o
  3. Please make it possible to select more than one tag at a time so that I can take action on the group and not just one tag. (Same with Notebooks) Thus I'd be able to: Move; Delete; Go Top-level; Remove from short-cuts; Create sub-tag in; and Combine; 10 tags in one click. ALSO Merge tags (combine all notes from a tag or group of tags to one target tag) A batch tag Rename editor. EV programming team, you can do this. It is long overdue. A part of a comprehensive tag editing system. Example: 34 tags are named for the participants of the Boston meeting 2020. 28 of t
  4. I bookmark many pages I would have fully downloaded simply because I don't trust the size of the resultant clip. The ideal solution would display a clip size prior to clipping, and give a choice to clip a smallest, or medium, or full-size web page. The ideal would be in the pop-up elephant button, but an option to set this prior to clipping would be better than the current state of affairs.
  5. Please show the size of the resulting clip prior to hitting "SAVE CLIP" button. I would want a number display next to "Clip Format" I would also like a dropdown choice for SMALL, MEDIUM, or FULL to give me some control over the size of the resultant clip. Currently, the only way I can economize my clips is to use "Bookmark". and add notes. However, Large graphics are part of the culprit. They can be reduced in the upload/download so that I use and store smaller file size. It has been 'never' that I have needed the larger file format. This issue is particularly true in a Simplified Article
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