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  1. I bookmark many pages I would have fully downloaded simply because I don't trust the size of the resultant clip. The ideal solution would display a clip size prior to clipping, and give a choice to clip a smallest, or medium, or full-size web page. The ideal would be in the pop-up elephant button, but an option to set this prior to clipping would be better than the current state of affairs.
  2. Please show the size of the resulting clip prior to hitting "SAVE CLIP" button. I would want a number display next to "Clip Format" I would also like a dropdown choice for SMALL, MEDIUM, or FULL to give me some control over the size of the resultant clip. Currently, the only way I can economize my clips is to use "Bookmark". and add notes. However, Large graphics are part of the culprit. They can be reduced in the upload/download so that I use and store smaller file size. It has been 'never' that I have needed the larger file format. This issue is particularly true in a Simplified Article.
  3. I use note/journal apps that give me a dark mode or theme to reduce eye strain. This use has been increasing as more apps offer this for Android smartphones. I consider such programmers as humanitarian by their offering such eye relief as a basic feature. There is research showing visual impairment from smartphone use and suggested help to include using dark screen modes. It is also helpful for middle of the night wake-up note writing. I refer Evernote less for lack of this feature. (PM if curious what I now recommend.) My eyes need an Evernote with a dark (or night) mode. Evernote will eventually offer this for Android, I just hope it is sooner than later.
  4. I have not noted the periodicity, but I need to re-authorize clipper for Dolphin on an HTC one, too often. Confirmation says it is for a year. It seems I'm doing it every few weeks.
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