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  1. Thanks for your reply. As I said above, it fixed itself. Just for your info, It was not a Boolean search, just a straight up text search, origninally for one word, then two. The note was not created by OCR, it was straight text entry directly into EN. Nothing complicated. And I re-entered the search word(s) to make sure there was no hidden characters or incorrect entries.
  2. Thanks for the reply. See my edit above.
  3. Edit: I just tried the same search again, and it found it. Just another ephemeral glitch in EN, I guess. I'm glad it's not an issue for you! Maybe I made it up, or don't know how to do a search? Here's the page. The strikeout font shouldn't make any difference, but that doesn't matter either because that's why I was searching for it, and was added after the fruitless search. On Writing, Stephen King The Martian, Andy Weir American Pastoral, Phillip Roth Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls The Water Knife Winter Journal The Lemon Tree 1491 Drive - Daniel Pink (ref TED talk) Mtns Beyond Mtns Autism -Born on a blue day Anything by Donna Tartt https://itun.es/us/xNJVJ.l A Death on Diamond Mountain - About Ian Thorsen George Sanders - short stories Feeling Good Darkness Visible - William Styron An Unquiet Mind - Kay Jamison 3 pillars of zen - tedious Dynamics of Time and Space: Transcending Limits on Knowledge Tarthang Tulku
  4. I just did a search for Diamond Mountain which I know is in a note and which I found by hunting. But the search said it wasn't there. Interestingly, when I entered "diamond", it even suggested "diamond mountain", obviously it had to find that note to suggest this! WTF! This problem has plagued EN users for years! I found another thread suggesting a fit under Help, Troubleshooting, but that menu item has been removed. It's almost like the developers are trying to make it difficult! What good is a notes app where you can't search your notes? Very frustrating!
  5. How about making the various apps and the online version more alike. And while you're at it, consolidate nomenclature, like "favorites" and "shortcuts".
  6. When I select All Notes, only 6 notes are there. I have over 400 notes and I can see them in their individual folders. Is this a know glitch and if so, is it going to be fixed in the foreseeable future, say, within a year? (I know, I'm being very optimistic given EN's history of fixing glitches.)
  7. Thanks for your prompt reply. It’s some point, I may need something like that, but at the moment I need something that is quickly and easily accessible, so I’ll have to do something else.
  8. I have tried to find someplace that describes how to do this in iOS. I can find it for windows, and I can find many references both in the help screens in the forums to this feature, but I am in an able to find any description of how to do it on an iPad. I’m being beginning to suspect that it can’t be done on mobile device. Is this true? If not, can someone detailed instructions or to the appropriate help screen? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for this summary, some of them I had forgotten. Nonetheless, I have found it just too tedious to do serious writing on my iPad, particularly getting specific text selected. While, in theory, you can just drag on the markers, in practice, they seem to have a mind of their own, with strongly preferred locations favored, such as the spot immediately before a word rather than in the word. I've decided it's time to get back on my iMac where I have complete control. I guess I was just being lazy anyway :).
  10. Now that I have given editing directly in Evernote a try, it appears it is not feasible even though it’s possible in theory. At least on an iPad I’m finding it virtually impossible to select text precisely, much less to highlight it, and As yet have found no way to completely remove the highlighting when done. Does anyone do this sort of thing on a regular basis and is there some free or at least reasonably priced application that will do this relatively easily?
  11. ok, that works, sort of. It’s a grayed out highlight, not colored. Would be nice if it had colors but I think I can make do with just the gray. Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Yes Evernote used to have the capability to create a PDF. If you check you’ll see I’ve been a user since forever, and a great many features have been deleted and years ago. I have tried to edit the text, do highlighting, but it doesn’t work. I can get the little menu at the bottom of the screen but when I touched the highlighting icon and then run it across the text, nothing happens. What’s the trick to get it to work?
  13. I have a document I’ve done a rough draft, and now I would like to go back and edit. I would like to be able to highlight some of the text make notes next to the text. It appears there are capabilities to edit a PDF, but not Evernote document itself. I have no PDF of this document and, unfortunately, the feature that Evernote used to have to convert a document to PDF is gone. Can someone tell me what is the easiest way to transfer text from Evernote to a common app, not word, in which I can edit and highlight?
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