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  1. This is just not true. No other app does this on my iPhone 11, just EN.
  2. I came in to look for this issue, and sure enough, it's here and it's years old. I'm sure glad they're "looking into it". Frustrating!
  3. It's been gone for a while so maybe it's just another dehancement, but I can no longer view my notebooks (or anything except icons) in the sidebar. Of course, there's no option under views to reveal, other than a checklist of stuff to show in sidebar, which appears to have no functionality. I'm hoping this is just one of the many EN "tricks" that one just has to know because it's not in the menus. Or they just did away with this feature and left the menu. Who knows with EN? Anybody know of a fix so I can get a useful sidebar back?
  4. It’s been almost 3 months since I posted this and search still doesn’t work. Good job Evernote!🙄I’m certainly not a professional programmer, but I can do better than these clowns.
  5. It would really be nice if they would restore the feature to this forum where you can look at all your previous postings. Of course I’ll probably never find this posting again to see what the replies were.
  6. Typical EN. Takes them months, even years to fix something like this. Probably the worst bug-fixing support of any software I've ever used. Even Apple (ugh!) is better.
  7. Thanks for your reply. As I said above, it fixed itself. Just for your info, It was not a Boolean search, just a straight up text search, origninally for one word, then two. The note was not created by OCR, it was straight text entry directly into EN. Nothing complicated. And I re-entered the search word(s) to make sure there was no hidden characters or incorrect entries.
  8. Edit: I just tried the same search again, and it found it. Just another ephemeral glitch in EN, I guess. I'm glad it's not an issue for you! Maybe I made it up, or don't know how to do a search? Here's the page. The strikeout font shouldn't make any difference, but that doesn't matter either because that's why I was searching for it, and was added after the fruitless search. On Writing, Stephen King The Martian, Andy Weir American Pastoral, Phillip Roth Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls The Water Knife Winter Journal The Lemon Tree 1491 Dr
  9. I just did a search for Diamond Mountain which I know is in a note and which I found by hunting. But the search said it wasn't there. Interestingly, when I entered "diamond", it even suggested "diamond mountain", obviously it had to find that note to suggest this! WTF! This problem has plagued EN users for years! I found another thread suggesting a fit under Help, Troubleshooting, but that menu item has been removed. It's almost like the developers are trying to make it difficult! What good is a notes app where you can't search your notes? Very frustrating!
  10. How about making the various apps and the online version more alike. And while you're at it, consolidate nomenclature, like "favorites" and "shortcuts".
  11. When I select All Notes, only 6 notes are there. I have over 400 notes and I can see them in their individual folders. Is this a know glitch and if so, is it going to be fixed in the foreseeable future, say, within a year? (I know, I'm being very optimistic given EN's history of fixing glitches.)
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