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  1. I guess I lucked out this time, I went back in the next day and it was there again. I have no idea where it went, but at least I didn’t lose it. Thanks for all of the comments.
  2. Ok, I’ve had it. Yesterday I entered the Wi-Fi password in Evernote for the animal shelter where I volunteer. This morning, the password is gone, even though the spaces I put in to enter it into at the top of my list are still there! I’ve been working with Evernote Since 2006, and I’m tired of this fatal flaw of simply losing your data even though it’s supposed to be backed up in the cloud. I’ve lost entire notes as well as parts of notes as happened this time. If I can’t enter something and count on it being there the next day, what’s the point? So now I have to go online and search for what people think are the best note taking apps. This time I won’t concern myself so much with features as I will with reliability. This is a fatal flaw in any application; it should’ve been fixed many years ago. I’m open to suggestions. I see people mentioning OneNote and complaining that it to is not being further developed, but I consider that a minor flaw next to reliability.
  3. I wish it did back up active notes. And yes, I checked the trash.
  4. Thanks again to each of you for your help. What I’m hearing is my file is gone. Seems to be that Evernote should have some sort of back up, preferably an automatic back up, but then what do I know?
  5. Sorry, this is still a mystery to me. I still don’t see any way to view these notebooks, only ways to create them.
  6. If you swipe left on a notebook, you’ll see the option to download. When you do, it tells you it is downloading. Does anyone know where it downloads to?
  7. I downloaded that notebook, but it didn’t tell me where it put it or what it named the file, so it’s somewhere hidden deep in the bowels of my iPad. Not very useful. Does anyone know how to track it down?
  8. thanks for all the replies. How do you back them up?
  9. A few days ago, I created a checklist that I wanted to use for when I walk dogs at the animal shelter. I made it up, the final version, the night before. The next morning when I went into use it, it was gone. I’ve done several searches, but it’s not there. Does anyone know if this is a common thing and if it is related to checklists or to any kind of note at all. This really undermines my confidence in Evernote.
  10. I guess things haven’t changed much over the years with Evernote support. They tell you how it’s supposed to work, if you tell them it’s not working, that’s the end of your support. Any users have any ideas?
  11. I sure wished that worked for me.
  12. iPad, current version. That doesn’t work.
  13. I have attempted to add a new tag by just assigning it to a one new note several times, but it’s not happening. I’m guessing there’s a new “trick”?
  14. I’ve tried to download and install the web clipper on my iPad, but it doesn’t work. It asks me where I want to put it, but it doesn’t give Safari as a choice. I tried the choice for a folder (under iPad) named numbers because the others made even less sense! I’d like the option to add it to Safari, which is where it’s supposed to be. I guess I’m supposed to intuit the location. Suggestion: if it’s not going anywhere that’s obvious, like Safari, how about instructions when I install? When I tap on the file it downloaded, “Evernote-web-clipper-latest data” Not terribly useful and frustrating. What next?
  15. salgud


    Found and fixed
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