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  1. I’ve tried to download and install the web clipper on my iPad, but it doesn’t work. It asks me where I want to put it, but it doesn’t give Safari as a choice. I tried the choice for a folder (under iPad) named numbers because the others made even less sense! I’d like the option to add it to Safari, which is where it’s supposed to be. I guess I’m supposed to intuit the location. Suggestion: if it’s not going anywhere that’s obvious, like Safari, how about instructions when I install? When I tap on the file it downloaded, “Evernote-web-clipper-latest data” Not terribly useful and frustrating. What next?
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    Found and fixed
  3. No, because when I tap on a note, it selects that note. If t tap on another, it selects that note, not both. I'm doing this on the iPad, does that matter? Is it different if I do it on my computer?
  4. I have a Mac and 2 iOS devices, and use evernote on all three. There are hundreds of notes, many very old. I have started deleting many of them, but it is very slow. Is there a way to bulk delete multiple notes? (I searched both the forums and the knowledge base.)
  5. Thanks for the pic. Yes, I do have that of course, but now I can't find any of the problematic notes. Maybe when they fix the initial problem, it retroactively affected the other notes. If I stumble across one of them, I'll certainly give it a try.
  6. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here. Thanks for the tip. As for the paragraph marker with a slash through it, I don't have it. You may have a different version (i'm using iOS) or they modified the interface again and that's gone.
  7. Is there anyway to find the note you just entered, other than to sort by entry date and hunt it down? In this version of Evernote, once I enter a note, it totally vanishes. I have to go looking for it somehow to validate that it actually got entered and saved. Seems to me, it would be a lot better if the note I just entered stayed right there on screen, where I can see it, without having to look for it somewhere.
  8. I found other references to this in these forums. It has been fixed in the latest release, I guess I found it at a good time!
  9. Astonishing! A app for storing notes that you can't past text into! Amazing fail! Like Excel not allowing you to enter numbers! These developers couldn't write code to add 2+2! A year or two ago it couldn't format pasted text and spread it all across the page so you had to scroll back and forth to see your text. It took them months to fix it. How long do you suppose it will take these clowns to fix this? Hopefully within a year. Or two. Meanwhile maybe we should just memorize everything we would have put in EN for the next year, then enter it! It's time to lose this POS for something that actually lets you keep notes! I'm open to suggestions.
  10. I admit, I've been very critical of EN for a long time. That's because I've become an infrequent user, and every time I try and do something in EN, I find a new interface in which I can't find most of the features. So I went it today to get some info, and found the latest version, which I haven't tried out yet. Honestly, I am impressed. I found most of what I want/need in EN in a few minutes of playing. Pretty straight forward this time! They even put the little star at the bottom so I can easily find my Favorites again. Yippee! Please, please EN staff, don't go messing with the main interface for a while. You got it back to where it's pretty intuitive and functional. If you need to add a feature or two, fine, BUT LEAVE THE MAIN FORMAT AS IS FOR A WHILE, SO WE CAN USE IT PLEASE! My only complaint at this point is the those notes that run off the edge of the page (from back when EN forgot how to format simple text notes) still run off the edge of the page. I even tried copying and pasting one into a new note, but the formatting problem came with it. If anyone knows of a fix for these, please let me know.
  11. I know, pretty stupid. It occured to me this morning that I should be able to post a picture I had just downloaded from the web into EN from EN directly into FG. Sure enough, there was a FB button I found and, with that pic/note selected, I clicked on it! How incredibly dumb of me. EN proceeded to open 101 instances of my FB login page (I was already logged in by the way) before I finally got my browser shut down to stop it. You'd think by now I'd know better than to trust something like this to EN! It can barely, sometimes, keep my notes intact and formatted.
  12. I went to copy a poem into EN this morning, but it just keeps quitting on me. Tried again tonight, same thing. Useless. Can't see my notes, use my notes or enter a note on my desktop. Why is it that on the rare occasions I try and use EN for anything, there's a major problem? EN has gotten steadily less stable, less usable, since 3.0 came out years ago. It was for a long time my favorite software, now it's the one I hate the most.
  13. It started working again a couple of days later. I have no idea what was wrong, but I'm trusting EN less and less.
  14. I went to look up some info I had in EN this morning, and all I can see is the first part of each note in the multi-note part. The pane that used to show the full note is now blank, in all 3 views! So when did this break and is there any plan to fix it in the forseeable future, or will this be like the broken text feature and remain broken indefinitely? I really would like to see my notes in the local version someday again. Fortunately, I can see the full note in my cloud database, but I had some local critical ones that were not synced for security reasons, and I can only see the first couple of lines of those. Is there a fix coming? Any idea how soon? Or is it just my database that's corrumpted somehow from lack of use? I tried adding a new note and it won't let me add one. It will create an untitled note, but the lower panel won't accept and entry of any kind. Useless. How do they manage to make this software more and more useless with each new version? This software has been going steadily downhill since the genius took over and trashed the old EN and came out with Version 3! Everytime I come back to use it, there's something more wrong with it. A year or so ago, the editing feature was broken and the text was all over the place in the notes and it took them months to fix it. Now this. This is so frustrating.
  15. @Burgers and Fries "Regarding encryption...if you don't remember the encryption password, yes, you will lose the data. That's rather the point of encryption". I suggest you read a post more carefully before commenting, unless you enjoy playing the fool. I didn't sync after moving the note, so I guess I should read the manual before I do anything. here are the instructions I was given: "Copy the note to one of your notebooks that is synced. When you have reinstalled your machine and sync'd evernote - move the note to a local notebook." My mistake, I trusted someone who sounded knowledgeable.
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