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  1. I speculated that Evernote may end up in Google's caring hands weeks ago in that monstrous thread that just refused to die. There's far more difference between Keep and Evernote than just the interface. Support for attachments is the biggest one, for me at least. Can't have a serious information manager without attachment support. There's also a number of interface quirks. Google has that tendency of unraveling a product with great fanfare, then letting it linger in shadows for years without development. It took years for Keep to get simple tags / labels, and there's still no such b
  2. OneNote is tightly integrated with Outlook and a number of users who wouldn't pay $60 or so a year for Evernote Premium or OneNote alone would probably consider paying that to get MS Office and 1 TB of cloud storage on top of all OneNote functionality. Or, at some point, they will run out of free space and pay $24 / year for extra OneDrive storage. Or, some of them will buy a Surface because they are heavy ON users and ON is a central part of Surface experience. Or, they will just be more inclined to look at other MS products, or recommend them to others. There's a number o
  3. Non paying for the service that for many doesn't offer enough value over it's free competition. The same people may be spending enough money on Windows Store Apps, Xbox games and consoles, Office 360 subscription (that offers quite a bit of value, for whomever needs a full blown always up to date Office suite and 1 TB of cloud storage, plus free Evernote alternative, for about as much as EN Premium). Plus Bing searches. Plus potentially considering a Surface tablet which was pretty much designed around OneNote. Plus potentially at some point deciding to stick with Windows vs switching to
  4. Given that both XMind on the desktop and iThoughts on iOS support file attachments in nodes, rather easy. Drag & drop. You don't get a searcheable OCR inside that receipt. Same way you do it in Evernote. Actually multiple ways - see the screenshot from iOS client (I use it much more often than the desktop, simply because my IPad Mini is always within reach). I can photo the receipt from inside ON and insert in the page as a searcheable image, which is exactly what I do with receipts. If I have an existing file (e.g. PDF), I have two ways to insert it - either as a searcheable "prin
  5. If it works for you, great. To me, this is not the same as a structured, visually organized way to present data. In this respect I prefer a mind mapper to One Note and One Note to Evernote.
  6. Well, no single tool works for all. Most of the PDF's that I need to search would be below 100 pages. And a limitation of OneNote is that you can't search inside encrypted and locked sections without unlocking them (which kind of makes sense from a security perspective). However you can encrypt individual sections, which is a very useful approach. Don't own Mac so don't know about OneNote for Mac, there's however a very well featured OneNote client for Mac called Outline+. I used it on iOS before MS started putting the features I was missing into their native client. The Outline+ had sev
  7. Well, I've had a long journey finding information management product that I like. I have the following criteria: 1) Ease of adding various kinds of data 2) Ease of finding it 3) Ability to access and edit your info across various systems and devices. Especially Windows - iOS - Android, but Linux is a plus. 4) An online client is a bonus, for when I have to access my data from a locked down station at work 5) Ability to access data offline 6) Planning tools 7) Organized structure 8) Low cost or better else free. 9) Secure (ability to encrypt you
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