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  1. How do I get an API key as you suggested in a post about backing up/reading ENEX files?

    The web form where I request the key fails and suggests that I contact support. The support form requires an API key.

    What's happening at EN? It seems like a great model that someone/something is trying to kill.


  2. I second @dtlow and also highly recommend that you consider using Tags to create your hierarchy. My recommended reading on this topic: https://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags.html https://byrslf.co/using-evernote-the-right-way-ef61f530d1ad#.ow0hprchu
  3. There are a few mind map software packages that have integrated with Evernote. http://lifehacker.com/mohiomap-creates-a-mind-map-to-browse-your-evernote-1508827115 https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/conceptdraw-mindmap/mac http://www.xmind.net/ http://noduslabs.com/cases/evernote-iphone-notes-text-network-graph/
  4. A reminders app for Ubuntu that syncs with Evernote to read and edit notes, upload pictures and get reminders https://launchpad.net/reminders-app
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