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  1. Ctl-D gives me a "forward delete" and inserts a "∂" character, which gives a problem to delete that again. I tried and never used vJournal really, which is a pity as I had to pay for it. Small amount, no big deal, however it should work properly or Evernoite should not support it. How to put this to the attention of Evernote staff?
  2. I use Evernote on the Mac and editing vJournal notes is unlike the editing of other Evernote notes. Deleting a character or sentence (on the Mac normally with the DEL-key) does not work. Using Ctl-X gives a ≈ character, which is difficult to delete. It just does not feel like normal editing.
  3. The editing of vJournal notes in Evernote is very cumbersome. Anybody from Evernote / vJournal aware of this. Puts you off using vJournal!!!
  4. vJournal notes entered into Evernote, should then be able to be updated just like any other note in Evernote. However I noticed that deleting a character or a string of characters are not possible on such a note. No reaction at all on "Cut", "Delete" or Back-space. Any cure?
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