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  1. Yeah evernote did agree it is an issue. But I never heard back from them nor did they care to update me whether they will work on it or if they have even added it on to their issue tracking boards. Sometimes I strongly feel that I pay for premium only because of clipper.
  2. Thank you. I think rebooting the device has changed the behavior from what I was seeing last night. I'll see if I need to go to support.
  3. I quickly investigated it a bit more. You can open the PDF file the way you want to. Double click, right click -> open with, click on eye icon. I am not prompted with any save dialog as such. I have set my PDF software to auto save setting after editing. On Windows 10 + Xodo/Foxit/Drawboard PDF: 1. Evernote does update the PDF file in the note. I was at mistake here. 2. There are multiple copies of that PDF now in the attachments folder. Five attempts led to five different PDF files in the attachment folder. On Windows 7 + PDF Xchange viewer: 1. Evernote does update the PDF file in the note. 2. There are no multiple copies of that PDF in the Attachments folder.
  4. I did not see this behavior ever on my windows 7 laptop with the PDF-XChange viewer. I would have been fine with having multiple copies in the attachments folder but the thing is my Evernote note does not get updated with the update/annotated pdf that I just edited in the external editor and saved. That's the main issue that the original is not replaced with the annotated copy. This is the first time that has happened to me and the only change that I have made is the switch to Windows 10. An easy fix is easy enough for a technical/power user. A regular user only sees whether a software is getting the task done right or not.
  5. Hi, Every time I open an attached PDF from an Evernote note into a third party PDF annotation app, a new copy of PDF is created in the attachments folder and that is opened. The PDF file that is attached to Evernote note stays there as usual. I am on windows 10 and have tried three different PDF apps (Drawboard, Xodo, Foxit) from the windows store. The behavior with the Evernote is the same in all the three apps. It doesn't happen when I directly open a PDF file from a disk and save it automatically. Let me know if you need more information from my end.
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