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  1. I agree that tagging a note seems like additional work. This is especially true when using the iOS share function, where tags are chosen by scrolling through a long list. But I still use tags to organize my notes (see earlier note). I like that I can associate notes across several notebooks with particular projects, students, or topics. I can return to a project after a long hiatus and see an organized list of relevant notes just as if the project was still active. I also use the search box to browse ny notes by keyword, etc.. Very useful. Evernote has several ways to organize and access notes of different types. I consider that is one of its enduring strengths that makes it worth paying for. Enjoy.
  2. I have found that exporting the pdf temporarily to Notability greatly enhances the annotation experience because I can just "mark up" the document with my Apple Pencil as I would a paper version. Afterwards, I use the sharing feature in Notability to send the annotated pdf back to EN. This approach has the added benefit of being able to use EN (e.g. Related browsing or for taking text-based notes) in my split screen while reading the pdf. Jay
  3. Happening to me as well. Chrome and Safari. Mac OS 10.12 Jay
  4. Using EN 6.10 Beta 1, Macbook Air A note that contains a list of URL links no longer shows them in the editor. When I view the same note from its public URL, the list of URL links is still visible. Jay
  5. Though I do not wish this malady on anyone, it is nice to know that I'm not crazy. :-)
  6. I tried your suggestionsI am still having this problem using Web Clipper 6.9. It occurs in both Safari and Chrome, on both my home and work Macs. A colleague is having the same problem. Ideas?
  7. Thanks for the update. The update process (from within the app) worked fine for me except that the new of version of Evernote did not relaunch after the successful download. Google drive integration seems to work after rich links enabled. Some suggestions: * Some help text about 'rich links' would be helpful. * Shouldn't there be a menu item to attach a google file in addition to menubar icon to be consistent with normal file attachment process? Does integration with Google apps solve Evernote's lack of support for synchronous collaboration? Very creative approach. Congrats! jay
  8. Beginning yesterday, Webclipper stopped showing the text of an email message to be clipped. Message is in inbox. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on what I should try besides restarting Chrome? jay
  9. We're even. I did not realize that you could send email messages from the Apple email client to EN w/o having to remember the exact names for destination notebook and tag names. I'll have to explore. -jay
  10. If it try to add a tag to a note: As I type "St,' this is what appears, but as soon as a type the hyphen, the tag is incorrectly autocompleted with the first choice in the list, and the hyphen that I typed is appended to the completed tag: to which I reply: ARGH. There is a workaround. If i remember to type "." after the "St" instead of a hyphen, and then backspace and type the hyphen, the autosuggest feature works correctly! This can be a bit frustrating because users shouldn't have to memorize such workarounds to make the computer application happy. ;-) - jay
  11. The hyphen-in-tags bug still exists in this version of the mac client. This bug comes and goes through the various releases, and has been blamed on the mac OS in the past. The current beta version incorrectly autocompletes (instead of auto-suggests) tags that contain a hyphen, defaulting to the first alphabetical option. This bug occurs in at least two areas: the note's tag field and the dialog that allows the user to add tags to multiple selected notes. The auto-suggestion feature in the search boxes (far-right and the central tag-specific one) seems to work correctly. For those of use that use hyphens as separators in our tag names, this bug erodes the overall air of reliability of the mac client. jay
  12. mac

    Read only notes would be useful in educational settings, as teachers share notebooks with their classes, it would be nice if some notes could be read-only to prevent accidental modification/deletes. jay
  13. Bump. Do others use webclipper to process gmail in their browser. Wouldn't the ability to highlight key sections be useful? If so, vote!
  14. I have posted this with the beta app, but have received not response. When I use the search box at the top of the sidebar, EN doesn't complete the search, instead locking up and requiring me to end the app process (up swipe) and relaunch. The search completes after about the fourth/fifth attempt at this process. Jay