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  1. I can confirm this for iOS 13 beta 5. When I select note info button, I am taken to atlas screen without option to go to ‘add tags’ screen. Please fix!
  2. Hi Bidel, Like others on this forum, I agree that Evernote (as well as other apps) can help as you work on your dissertation. Since there is life after completing your doctoral studies, I would urge you to develop a knowledge management strategy that will allow you to use what you read and write during your coursework and research as you continue your post-doc career. I worked on team a few years ago that developed some suggestions for grad students for organizing and synthesizing your information in Evernote. The link to the site is: http://evernoteaturi.wikispaces.com/ Good luck with your studies! Jay Fogleman
  3. I agree that it would be nice to be able to add tags in the ios share dialog as is possible in the webclippers for the various browsers. I also think that a tag search box should be added to share dialog similar to the one on the “add tags” dialog within ios Evernote. As a collection grows, scrolling through long lists of tags is extremely cumbersome A search field would allow the list of tags to be narrowed to facilitate quick tag selection.
  4. I have tried to leave this beta feedback within the app, but there is no evidence that anyone reads those messages. The current version of EN is syncing extremely slowly on my iPad Pro and specific notes are very slow to load (spinning icon in center of note field) sometimes terminating the load process instead with message: “Error - Time for loading expired” (paraphrase). This problem makes EN essentially unusable in a mobile environment. Jay Fogleman.
  5. Good point. I am using Editorial on my iPad Pro. The ability to send anything to a specific “place” in EN (via the share by email option) while using my ipad is pretty nifty. The tagging option in Evernote’s “Share to” IOS dialog is very cumbersome because it requires me to scroll through my long list of tags. If I switch to my mac, the EN webclipper will work well instead, but your applescript possibilities sound interesting. Jay
  6. So it seems that there is a security concern related to the use of developer tokens. I use my develop token in a python script to access my notebook and tag lists to construct a notebook/tag string that I can add to anything that I send to EN via email. Does anyone know another way to capture these lists within a script? Thanks
  7. There seems to be a great deal of interest in Evernote improving its support for pencil-based notes. Penultimate has so much going for it, eg automatic EN syncing, so why not continue to update? Based on focus on iPad pros at WWDC. The next version of IOS will be even more pencil-friendly, I think that this is a chance for EN to position itself as the best notes destination for sketches done using Apple Pencil. Please improve support for apple pencil, get rid of (or allow user to disable) magnification mode, allow users to annotate PDFS, and let users assign tags to each notebook within Penultimate.
  8. Current beta 8.2 is acting much more erratically than previous version on my iPad Pro. * add photo doesn't work. Photo identified in dialog but is not placed in note. * EN returns to "all notes" display, even after search / tag filter has been applied in previous visit to EN. * Syncing is slow, resulting in app being unresponsive when accessed. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED because mobile workers need 'just in time' access to their notes! * Some notes do not show their content. App unresponsive except for circling 'wait' icon until app is stopped. (Up swipe) and relaunched. Note content can then be accessed (after re-searching for note.)
  9. Good questions. Using the Topic+sub topic tag system links the subtopic with the topic, Using separate tags would require searching specifying both tags to see 'common' notes. DTLow points out that you can search for all notes within the topic using tag:Topic* in the search box. DTLow also brings up an excellent point about separators. While I do not have experience with ":", I would ADVISE AVOIDING USING HYPHENS (-) within your tag names. Currently, the mac version of EN does not autocomplete hyphenated tags properly. This persistent bug will drive you crazy, so use a safer separator, e.g. PERIOD, UNDERSCORE, etc. jay
  10. Hi Hebephrene, I think you used ":" to separate Topics from subtopics in your tags. I explain how I use this approach (though I use another "-" as my separator) earlier in the thread. Let us know how your quest for consistency progresses. Good luck.
  11. I agree that tagging a note seems like additional work. This is especially true when using the iOS share function, where tags are chosen by scrolling through a long list. But I still use tags to organize my notes (see earlier note). I like that I can associate notes across several notebooks with particular projects, students, or topics. I can return to a project after a long hiatus and see an organized list of relevant notes just as if the project was still active. I also use the search box to browse ny notes by keyword, etc.. Very useful. Evernote has several ways to organize and access notes of different types. I consider that is one of its enduring strengths that makes it worth paying for. Enjoy.
  12. I have found that exporting the pdf temporarily to Notability greatly enhances the annotation experience because I can just "mark up" the document with my Apple Pencil as I would a paper version. Afterwards, I use the sharing feature in Notability to send the annotated pdf back to EN. This approach has the added benefit of being able to use EN (e.g. Related browsing or for taking text-based notes) in my split screen while reading the pdf. Jay
  13. Happening to me as well. Chrome and Safari. Mac OS 10.12 Jay
  14. Using EN 6.10 Beta 1, Macbook Air A note that contains a list of URL links no longer shows them in the editor. When I view the same note from its public URL, the list of URL links is still visible. Jay
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