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  1. Thank you both! Can you write your thesis in Scrivener using incitations and bibliography?
  2. Dear All, Does Evernote has incitation and bibliographic possibilities? Otherwise I don't know how I can write in Evernote my thesis without having the possibility of incitation and producing references/bibliography at the end. Please help.
  3. Thank you all for your valuable information! I really appreciate this. May be you can help me with the following questions as well: I want to write my dissertation in Evernote and use "incitations" like in Word and at the end produce bibliography and references from Evernote. Is this possible. Can I integrate the functions of Evernote and Endnote in one? Thanks.
  4. Dear, wishing you well in these difficult times. I am using endote for a phd-thesis. Doe Evernote has the possibility of incitations and references/bibliographies? If not, is Evernote planning to integrate this soon? And is there a possibility top integrate Endnote, Zotero in Evernote? Thank you.
  5. Dear All, I am looking for a card system, an archive system to keep my notes for PhD-research, to easily retrieve them, combine and so on. Is Evernote is the right one for this or do you advice me another system? Thank you.
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