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  1. Evernote is an amazing program that I've been using for years, and I love it! Thank you for creating such an amazing product! One major drawback is its lack of creating academic referencing and bibliographies. The technology is already a feature within Evernote; the "note info" pane. You could add a "more" or "advance" option within that to allow for a more robust input for academic purposes. Then add a drop down menu where people could select their preferred style of export (this could also be placed in Evernote settings, as an overarching setting). The major headache I think is the integration with Word. Unfortunately most universities require their students to hand in their assignments using Word. The best program I've found that does this is Zotero. It has a tab at the top of Word, which takes us back to Zotero and allows us to add a reference directly from there. It's brilliant! Then at the press of a button, we can build a bibliography. I don't think this would be too complicated for the Evernote team! Enabling something like this within Evernote would add incredible power to your program. And I think you'd see an influx of students using your services. Evernote is touted as our second brain and the place you need a second brain the most is in academia and research! Please add this feature! I'm sure you all remember your university days, help us make the most of ours!
  2. Let me just say that Evernote is a great app and I've been using it for years now. I just recently started working on an MA and for the first time I'm seeing a major lack in Evernote's arsenal - citations and bibliographies. Evernote is said to be a research tool or assistant but it cannot produce references, which to me is a major problem. Zotero does just that! Could an integration be possible?
  3. I agree. I use different colors to highlight different aspects of text. Like where the conclusions are, where the questions are in the text etc. This is a very basic and needed function - especially for students.
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