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  1. Saving websites to Evernote must not be a very common action. Unfortunately, I assumed the title was easy to understand. I now think many people probably do not use the clipper or care to put in the “work” of assigning tags. The purpose of Evernote was to convert “paper” into one’s “digital diary”. This feature request is asking Evernote to help archive already digital stuff. I always looked at Evernote as the organizer’s organizer. It is a supreme saving & recalling solution. Tags just seemed like the best way to have more content engagement and better recall.... no SQL ide
  2. Thanks all your contributions are appreciated. it is a rather silly miss...
  3. Evernote security flaw... iTunes/Apple ID request flaw allows app passcode to be bypassed, meaning the Evernote passcode feature is currently not working to secure the app. Video - http://bit.ly/epinios0203 (1.5MB 51seconds) When sleeping an iOS device after Apple ID request, upon wake & cancel, the App's passcode is bypassed (all notes visible).
  4. DTLow thanks for the reply. I'd rather have custom on-the-fly tags and not need them then need them an not have them (current pain). using tags is a "nodal" system of organization. if you need to work many sources, tags are far more important, especially for recalling "connected" sources later. on iOS not being able to "on-the-fly" create tags is an efficiency crime. Given the usage case above (owls), I would "on-the-fly" tag the "source" trails - owl's food - camping maybe even ornithology, just having the option means how information relates does not depend what my memory allows....
  5. Maybe you have a ornithology tag. Cool! Maybe when learning about ornithology online on an iOS device, you come across a really great camping/outdoorsy website which has mostly backpacking trail info. while reading this website... "deep in the article" you notice it references some cool areas around lake superior to see lepus americanus, but this citation is small (one sentence). The site really has nothing to do with ornithology, but you are forced to tag it so because the snowshoe hair is the great horned owl's food --- don't forget evernote on iOS DOES NOT ALLOW FOR cre
  6. every usage case is different. having a "needs tag" tag is a terrible lack of capability, especially given the amount of time spent on iOS
  7. Excellent. This feature is a direct improvement to the "mobility" of Evernote and would replace the need for bookmark management applications like Pocket (www.getpocket.com). Evernote is WAY more powerful than Pocket, yet developers have crippled the usability of "tagging" web clips by not enabling custom tags on iOS devices. Bookmark management on iOS (using Evernote) is critical for research/student needs/general personal interests.
  8. Good day, this feature request is so users can create tags from an iPad/iPhone's Evernote "iOS web clipper". If on an iPad/iPhone only a user's existing tags can be applied. The "no tags selected" input field does not permit keyboard entry. iOS screen pdf attached. Also very small video link supplied. This is greatly needed so clippings may be tagged at the time of creation. Evernote's iOS extension is missing the ability to create new customized tags for "clipped" items. Selecting the "tag field" should allow me to type a new tag. Just when I select the "tag zone" it does
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