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  1. They said it has been fixed on v10.3, I too still have the same problem. It seems v10.5 hasn't solve this yet. When I paste screenshot on evernote on iPhone, there are 3 of them. I always have to remove two. very annoying. @Shane D. Please check it and do something about it.
  2. I’ve got the same problem. I saved many PDF documents which have so plenty pages like essay or manuals and I could search keyword among them anywhere. But with v10, it’s gone... i know it’s development is in progress. However why can they miss the basic feature like this?? Yes, we can find the note which includes the word.so what? are we supposed to check every page with small screen on iPhone??? Unbelievable. please please please, give this back to us. It’s been several month since v10 launch.
  3. oh, this looks totally different from mine. some kind of technical issue, I suppose. Since you are a premium user, I recommend you to issue a support ticket for this.
  4. I’m using chrome but it works fine. I think a screen shot might help us to understand!!
  5. this Home Screen looks good for me. and I really welcomes new feature like this. But like others say, it is true that new mac App still has lot of bugs and missing essential feature. I really recommend anyone who is annoyed on V10 should use Legacy app and web app version. the current web app version is way more comfortable than local app. it has almost all feature including "Home", and seems less buggy and fast.
  6. I love new Evernote app ver10. But it seems I cannot get latest update automatically. is this happening to anyone else? For weeks, I had to use initial version 10.0 with many annoying bugs. Because I didn’t know there update version like 10.3 or 10.4. I had to check Evernote page on App Store to realize this. I bring this up because it is possible that many people are still feeling very bad using initial version 10.0 with severe bugs.
  7. この件、どうなったのでしょうね。こういう実現できるはずなのに実装されない不可欠な機能のせいでOne noteやnotionへユーザーが移っていってしまってる気がします。 私も同じ悩みを抱えていますが、ノート統合や複数ノートタグづけがWebやiosでできないためにMac版が必須です。そもそもせっかく作っているのにこれが原因でWEB版が使われるのは本末転倒かと思います。
  8. According to the preview video, next Evernote version might have edit mode/read mode. This is not exactly what we have been waiting for, although this may improve our concerns some how. So many comments, no feedbacks for long time. That’s what I don’t get. At least, They can share us their thought and plan on this.
  9. No updates for almost 9 years. We have no choice but to stop putting important data on Evernote because of this. Ive just leaved Evernote Premium today. Feeling great. I love Evernote, but I don't think it's worth costs.
  10. In two weeks, my subscription will be expired. Seriously, I am thinking to leave Evernote premium.
  11. At least, they can give us some feedback, can’t they? It’s just a few minutes. I believe we deserve it...
  12. Thanks for sharing. Good to know. Not exactly what we’ve been waiting for, But it should relieve our anxiety on unintentional changes.
  13. Yeah, read only tag option might be easy to implement. We have been waiting long enough.
  14. I don’t think so. Generally, management only knows whole numbers of requests and it’s progress. They don’t have time to check every posts. I know there many other requests and they have their priority. But all we want to say is that it’s has been 8 years......, really?
  15. It‘s almost insane. In this 5 years, they have been developing so many other features. But about this, nothing has been done. We might should be get angry on this. Is there any way to make them get attention to this??
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