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  1. a step forward ? one step back! Why is an upgrade to EN Mac 10.7.6 from a previous version of EN 10 now gives ALL images as an error "image could not be rendered properly" with either of the Open commands in the ... providing NO action whatsoever.?
  2. Just upgraded from iPhone X to iPhone 12. I do NOT want to upgrade to EN IOS V10 and the current copy on iPhone X is Login on iPhone 12 brings up banner that says "Error Error sign in OK" Won't remove app since appears only IOS option in App Store is version 10.2, and have restarted iPhone 12 several times. Seeking advice to be able to log in to iPhone 12 version Larry 2020DC28 11:00 Sydney
  3. Am STUNNED that NO ONE from EN support has even responded to the original post on 11 Nov. It is now Nov 23 (Nov 22 in USA) I'll repeat the important part of the post - << EVERNOTE: Please help fix this, so we can change/add images to existing notes, without recreating them every time! I have chosen NOT to recreate my images as I tried EN on teh web and the items are still rendering (and updating correctly) So is my Win 10 DT (which is still on DL V10 rather then app store V10) SO how about it? If not EN support or development, we would appreciate assistance from anyone
  4. So used the MAC app store to download 10.4.3 since the download version would not update. NOW my images "won't render properly"????? Do I wait? (Since I can't' force sync!) WHY, oh WHY does each step EN take make things worse than better? Have you guys reduced your development staff? I look at my notes on EN Web and it seems OK. Haven't checked my Win DT. Look forward to hearing from you Larry 2020NV21 10:00 Sydney, NV20 15:00 PST
  5. Shane D, can you please provide a link to the relocated discussion?!
  6. I have to add my voice. While I guess it is not strictly the editor, I even tried to look for another place to report this but the community search does not appear to even allow me to easily find another place to post. So here it is. Please do something to include stacks in the sidebar. I went looking for the stack and could not find it. The stack is there when you view the Notebooks My notebook list Larry 2019AP04 19:30
  7. What is infuriating about this problem is that there seems to be no development sympathy for this. They just announced spaces which is currently only available to EN Business. Formatting runs through the WHOLE product set & range. Surely if it was not created with a robust editing engine, the time has come that a cross-platform edit engine would be a good investment to make something that is not only more robust and even more effective and expandable.
  8. Thanks for the history. But think the issue is that a) a change was announced and b.) feedback sought (at least I think so) and then NOTHING. NO communication, at least not in the forum where the announcement was made. In any product, for engineers to work in isolation or on what THEY think the users want, without two way communication is a short course to further complaints.
  9. Don't confuse release notes with communication on development progress and feedback on that progress. I've had a program manager (someone who has MANY project managers working for them) read the two articles. The luckman212 article is a progress report on development, communicating to those interested what and why they are doing something with products. The DTLow / cifip article is a set of release notes - what has been done (and "what has not" I notice reading the last part). The later is NOT what the discussion is about. The former IS about communicating ones plans on what, why and
  10. I agree. Communication is a two way thing. Evernote product management needs to provide feedback. If they want, a seperate beta forum. I was told THIS was the place to lodge feedback (not complaints) and suggestions. Haven't heard ANYTHING back from Evernote staff. Nada. If I'm in the wrong place, then by all means contact me, privately if you need to, to advise the correct place, procedure to seriously assist.
  11. Confused. When posed the following to an Evernote staffer I am personally dealing with "Hey I was going to look how to seek a change to the iPad / iPhone versions of Evernote - specifically the moving (or making them movable) of some of the editing options. Like tab, bullets, numbering etc. They used to be on the page you were editing and now they are on a menu that requires you to click on the menu, click on the editing icon you want to invoke (say indentation) and then have to select the menu to get back to the page you were editing. it VERY cumbersome to use quickly and my not
  12. OH, BTW, I was told that product management participated in this forum to resolve issues. Is it my imagination or is there no one here but us users (bar the sticky note at the top of this post from Evernote Employee
  13. Nope, same for me. Occasionally I can edit the title of the note and maybe the fields (but not always - must be the moon or the way I hold my mouth). WHY would you place a restriction on the modification of the record???????????
  14. OK, now I can add my vote to fix the slowness. I thought it was me or my iPad or iPhone, but it is WAY too slow, please fix i also wish to lodge a request to change the editing icon tool barto be flexible I find the need to click edit menu icon, then click the editing icon I need, then click the menu bar to bring back the text keyboard!!!! frustrating, time consuming and leads one to do less with text formatting. if this is this is the wrong place to mention, then pleas cross post using latest iOS and EN thanks Larry 2017FB23 19:45 Sydney Australi
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