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  1. Just to add one more voice. Got a new Surface Pro 4 a couple of weeks ago. To begin with I thought I'd have to move to OneNote, then to my joy I discovered ink notes in Evernote. Yay! But yesterday I tried to use ink notes during a meeting, got to the end of the first page... now what? Tried swiping... just put lines on the document, no scroll bar... screwed. Brilliant.
  2. Makes total sense to me. Economies of scale are such that maintaining your own cloud (servers) vs. outsourcing to Google, Amazon or Microsoft is a very high cost way to go. Long term Evernote will be bought by someone. VCs and large shareholders will want to cash out. When that happens for me Google is the least worst option.
  3. If it's of interest I've just posted an article on 3 ways to use Markdown with Evernote and a YouTube video. Hope it's helpful.
  4. Ashley A really great idea. I'm a big fan of Personal Kanban and have been thrashing around trying to implement it with Evernote. First I tried various "noticeboard" web apps which were OK but didn't integrate very well with Evernote and other tools I use. I then tried using Evernote itself... not really a good fit. I then found Trello which is great. I exported ideas, projects and actions to Trello from Evernote using Zapier. At the beginning of this year I decided it was easier just to do everything task/project related in Trello. Your tool seems to give the best of both words. One suggestion: it would be useful to add a yellow sticky, or title under which you can put a column of notes. I guess you could do this with a "special" evernote note. -- Best of luck Mark www.todohack.com
  5. Although must users of Evernote Business for Salesforce will be in a corporate environment do you actually need to use Evernote Business or could you use Evernote Premium? I work for myself as a sales consultant and am a keen Evernote user so could easily use this kind of solution, but as a one-person company don't want or need Evernote Business.
  6. I wrote a blog post on this recently, you might want to check it out http://www.reallifeselling.com/time-management/three-easy-ways-to-create-templates-in-evernote-2/ -- Cheers Mark
  7. I don't use iOS myself so can't say for sure. Certainly on Android there is a scaling issue. It runs on my Nexus 4 phone but is almost too small to use. On my Nexus 7 tablet it's fine. Maybe the same issue exists on iPhone. Having said that it can import and export in some standard formats like FreeMind and MindManager so there may be an app that you could use on your iPhone that would work with Mindomo on Mac. --CheersMark
  8. Hi I've tried a bunch of mindmapping tools such MindManager, FreeMind, etc and now I use Mindomo on my MacBook and Android phone. I rate it highly. There is also an iOS app. I just tried saving, opening and saving from Evernote and it worked fine. -- Rgds Mark @markg www.reallifeselling.com
  9. If anyone is interested I just published a blog post on this. Hope it's useful to someone! http://bit.ly/1eXUKXn -- Cheers Mark
  10. It sounds like you have a really powerful application for Evernote there. To summarise what has been said before, I think the basic functionality you need is available in the regular, premium version. However, as C6REW mentions there are benefits in terms of support and upgradeability that the Business edition brings.
  11. If you want to use Evernote as part of your blogging activity you should try out postach.io which allows a note to be posted as a blogpost. Very cool.
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