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  1. Just to add one more voice. Got a new Surface Pro 4 a couple of weeks ago. To begin with I thought I'd have to move to OneNote, then to my joy I discovered ink notes in Evernote. Yay! But yesterday I tried to use ink notes during a meeting, got to the end of the first page... now what? Tried swiping... just put lines on the document, no scroll bar... screwed. Brilliant.
  2. Makes total sense to me. Economies of scale are such that maintaining your own cloud (servers) vs. outsourcing to Google, Amazon or Microsoft is a very high cost way to go. Long term Evernote will be bought by someone. VCs and large shareholders will want to cash out. When that happens for me Google is the least worst option.
  3. If it's of interest I've just posted an article on 3 ways to use Markdown with Evernote and a YouTube video. Hope it's helpful.
  4. Ashley A really great idea. I'm a big fan of Personal Kanban and have been thrashing around trying to implement it with Evernote. First I tried various "noticeboard" web apps which were OK but didn't integrate very well with Evernote and other tools I use. I then tried using Evernote itself... not really a good fit. I then found Trello which is great. I exported ideas, projects and actions to Trello from Evernote using Zapier. At the beginning of this year I decided it was easier just to do everything task/project related in Trello. Your tool seems to give the best of both words. One suggestion: it would be useful to add a yellow sticky, or title under which you can put a column of notes. I guess you could do this with a "special" evernote note. -- Best of luck Mark www.todohack.com
  5. J You might want to check out Mohiomap which gives you a really cool graphical representation of your Evernote data. I understand what you mean about it being a "religious issue". When I went from using a regular email program to gmail it took quite a while to relax into relying on search and not bothering with hierarchy. Prior to that I spent hours filing stuff away into a labyrinth of folders and about 20 levels of sub-folders! Having said that I've now reached the point with Evernote where I often find myself unable to find something despite having everything tagged and knowing all of the search tricks. Maybe it's time to review my strategy for notebooks and tags. -- Best rgds Mark www.todohack.com
  6. Jason. Thanks for the invite! I used to get to the States a lot, but not so often nowadays. I'll drop you a line on LinkedIn...
  7. jp09. I'm sorry to take so long to get back to you. I think I may have answered this one in another thread so got a bit confused. The view on the Mac is called "Side List View" and can be selected under [View] in the main menu bar or using the view icon which, on the mac, sits at the top of the list. I think I looked this up and this was available on the Mac version before the PC version, but is now available on PC. So you may want to check that out. --CheersMarkwww.reallifeselling.com
  8. I think you could do this with ifttt.com (If This Then That). I just had a play and you can very easily set it up to publish a Wordpress post (ordinary or photo) when you create a new shared note link in Evernote which fires every time you share a new public note link. You can also do similar in www.zapier.com -- Best of luck Mark www.reallifeselling.com Twitter: @markg
  9. Although must users of Evernote Business for Salesforce will be in a corporate environment do you actually need to use Evernote Business or could you use Evernote Premium? I work for myself as a sales consultant and am a keen Evernote user so could easily use this kind of solution, but as a one-person company don't want or need Evernote Business.
  10. I was going through my web feeds tonight and came across this article on on pocketnow entitled 8 Ways OneNote is Better than Evernote. I'm not familiar with OneNote so can't say for sure which is the better tool but only got as far as Item 1 which, as you can see from the comment, is just plain wrong. I couldn't be bothered to go over the other claims but wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on how OneNote and Evernote stack up? -- Cheers Mark www.reallifeselling.com
  11. I guess there's a trade-off here between using a "one book" method (i.e. Evernote) and using a "best of breed" method (i.e. a specialist todo, or GTD app). I recall reading over the years several time management books that suggested the best idea was to have one book (nowadays app perhaps) that you put everything into so you can find stuff easily and don't waste time figuring out where to put things. Personally I've gone for this concept using Evernote as my "one book". All actions, ideas, projects gets dumped into my "grasscatcher" notebook and then processed using Personal Kanban. Prior to this I was always finding new todo/GTD tools and switching between them. But eventually I realised that "hey some people just use pen and paper" and decided to stick with one system even if it wasn't optimised for the task. But as they say... whatever floats your boat. -- Mark www.reallifeselling.com
  12. And one more thing... I found myself over in the Evernote developer forum and came across this Work[etc] which appears to be a CRM system based on Evernote. Unfortunately pricing starts at $195/month for up to 3 users. Yikes!
  13. Walrus (I don't believe you're evil) As regards gmail/contacts addons have you checked out Rapportive ? I'm not sure it would help but it adds a whole extra degree of "richness" to Google Contacts. You might also take a look at Unifyo which is similar but with more team support for sharing contact/sales data. Because I'm Mac-based I've had "issues" with clients who use PC-based Outlook add-on CRM systems (e.g. BCM and Prophet) that I need to access . You could use GoToMyPC or LogMeIn to remotely access your PC and Lotus Notes from your iPad. I found this worked very well. -- Best of luck Mark www.reallifeselling.com
  14. This is turning into a really interesting discussion! Firstly for anyone who is interested I've just posted the second part of my Sales Prospecting Using Evernote here. I use Base as my CRM system and apparently have 7,819 contacts in it. I'd recommend it, but there are a number of web-based tools out there that are good. In the past I've used ACT, Goldmine, Saleforce.com, BatchBook, BCM, Prophet and even written my own in MS Access (not recommended!) Chris: I appreciate what you say about digging yourself a hole by putting all of your contacts into a free-form database (e.g. Evernote) which you can't then export out of, do a bulk email, etc. Years ago I used a PC free-form database called InfoSelect. I stopped using it because (as you can see if you follow the link) it rarely got updated and also I didn't want to have all of my contacts in a system that I couldn't export from. But times have changed. Because it's in the cloud I share my Evernote "sales" notebook with my virtual assistant. So I can, for instance, capture contact details from websites, business cards and email sigs instantly into Evernote, and if I wish, get her to enter that data into my CRM system for $5/hour. [Michael: Evernote is multi-user. With the premium edition notebooks can be shared and Evernote Business is specifically aimed at sharing across the enterprise]. As ever, there are "horses for courses". If you have thousands of contacts, work in a big team, need to generate a variety of reports at the press of a button, regularly do bulk emails or need to integrate with an ERP system you definitely need a CRM system. But at the other end of the spectrum there are many freelancers, small business owners, etc who are paying for CRM systems that they only use as glorified address books. They never run reports, check the dashboard and either don't get around to adding new contacts or laboriously add contact data that they may never need or use. So I'd maintain that for some people all they need is a contact database (which may or may not be Evernote), a spreadsheet (to track their deals) and a reminder system. For those who need a CRM system, Evernote can still be useful as a quick capture front-end and research tool, with data only being put into your CRM when qualified. So going back to prospecting, I can do my prospecting campaign in Evernote given that 90% of the contacts may be useless to me, and then put the qualified prospects into my CRM system when I know they are worth tracking.
  15. I use a Personal Kanban system in Evernote. I have a separate Evernote window open all the time as my Kanban whiteboard. All of my "stuff" (actions, ideas, projects...) gets dumped into an Evernote notebook then sucked into my Kanban as I clear items on it. I used to do GTD, but if you're not careful you can spend all your time classifying, sorting and tagging stuff and not actually doing much. --CheersMarkwww.reallifeselling.com
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