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  1. LOL, I haven't noticed a single meaningful improvement to EN in years. Nor a single meaningful statement. The good thing is they've set expectations so low that it doesn't even occur to me to even expect improvement, or even bother posting like a suggestion would ever be listened to, the only reason I'm posting here is I got a thread notification. If anything, the only thing I'd expect from a new release would be further destruction and dumbing down of the product, aka the "new" web version. Which I haven't looked at in probably 6 months since once I saw how they had destroyed that, but ag
  2. Edit: deleted my post upon further consideration, so as not to take this thread off topic.
  3. I just signed up and played with it very briefly. One of the better note taking products I've seen. It's possible I'm missing something but my observations are: Pros 1. Subfolders as many levels deep as you want. 2. Appears as though you can share folders at any level you want, i.e. what would be the equivalent of being able to share a stack in EN. Cons 1. No grouping of tags, that's huge. 2. In Evernote if you select a stack, you can see all notes in the the notebooks in that stack, that's an awesome feature. In Nimbus if you select a folder, you can ONLY see
  4. Your point is legit, but without major funding, it's going to be very difficult for small start-ups to give out huge amounts of storage. They need to scale up and start making money before they can do that. And even then it's difficult, imagine that the product catches on and suddenly they have millions of users signing up. 90%+ of whom will be non-paying/free customers (yes that can be offset with ads). So any startup without huge funding is going to need to control storage for free customers so they don't get caught with their pants down.
  5. Hi Alan, I addressed the lack of cloud functionality in the cons section of my post. As far as it being in the "primordial stage", it is anything but. The software has been available for over five years with an endless series enhancements. It is rough mainly in the sense that the gui is not pretty and can get a bit busy, but that's not the most important requirement for many users, especially power users which is what this threads about. Not trying to convince you are anyone else to use it, but want to characterize it as accurately as possible.
  6. This is an old thread but another product to add to the mix is InfoQube. Cons: PC only (can run on a USB stick if desired), no cloud option, no mobile option. I think I might have read about some users using DropBox to keep it synced across PC's but not sure.No real tagging system.The steepest learning curve of any PIM/information manager you've ever used. This is a product for power users that are willing to spend some time learning. The online help is outstanding though. If EN is the triumph of form over function (which is what it is starting to become), IQ is the triumph of function o
  7. Guys, you need to be reasonable here. This is after all, the company that is going to kill the file system and decimate Microsoft Office. So they just don't have time to deal with the really deep complex issues like how to let a business rename a notebook. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102047277
  8. Sends boxes of chocolates. I got 3 different features implemented by sending chocolates. I found the Maman Intense to get the quickest feature turnaournds.
  9. Hey Lucy, thanks for your comments. However, I'm not sure what Google has to do with Evernote Tags, since Google is not involved in searching in my Evernote account. In fact, Google can't even see my Evernote account. At least not as far as you know .
  10. Hi Sandy, I'm not sure I understand the question as by default Notebooks are sorted alphabetically. Or do you mean sort notes themselves alphabetically? What Evernote client are you having the issue with? Windows? Mac? I have seen an issue where once in a while they don't sort alphabetically, I believe logging out and logging back in will usually fix that.
  11. Aaron, it's a jury rig but it works - have you tried inserting a bunch of dashes "----------------" in each column across one of the rows? Adjust the number of dashes to make the columns the width you want, using more dashes than you would ever use text, this way as you type text into them the column widths will not change. This will essentially "lock" the width of the columns. Edit: I just noticed the OP was posting from 2012. Nevertheless, maybe it will help someone else who finds this thread.
  12. When you ask a question you are more likely to get meaningful answers if you take enough time to make clear what you want, it may be obvious to you, but it may not be to others . If "work like a calendar" means showing a visual display of a calendar, no that's not possible. Again, what does this mean? A message in Evernote? An email message? A message on the day something is due or at any time you predetermine? I don't even use the reminders feature myself, but to my knowledge you can select the date you want to be reminded about something. And in preferences you can set
  13. I believe I may have seen some type of 3rd party add-on that enables this type of functionality, though when I looked at it, it did not look very smooth, as it requires logging onto an additional service. I agree this would be an incredible feature for the business product and would go a very long way towards turning it into a true collaboration product.
  14. Indeed this is such a massive flaw that it should have been fixed within weeks. But your premise assumes that we're talking about a company that listens openly, recognized a massive flaw, and corrects it. Instead EN tells you it's a "feature" that was "requested". That's laughable of course, but it at least tells you what you're up against. I'm sure it will be fixed at some point....
  15. Another person who evidently just can't appreciate what a wonderful "feature" this is. But hey don't worry, they just rolled out a massive update to business that had to involve hundreds or thousands of man hours of development work. Didn't fix a single one of the major things that need fixing that business admins have been pleading with them for, they know what's best for you.
  16. I am constantly in one Notebook looking at a note/s, while wanting to open another Notebook without losing the focus of where I am. I'd really like to see an "open in new window" command when I right click on a notebook. Thank You
  17. I just want to give this one a bump and will continue to do so until it is fixed. This is a fundamental design flaw/bug...whatever you want to call it. It is a must fix for business users.
  18. Well, in spite of my rant above, after spending 2 hours Googling and looking at alternative options, which are next to non-existent for those of us that want a desktop client and mobile app support, I decided to give it another go. There are so many aspects of the product that are elegant and outstanding, so I'll try to adapt and hope that EN listens to feedback and addresses these primary issues. I'd love to be part of a business group that gets to interact with developers and give feedback if EN has or were to start anything like that.
  19. I just want to say it's SO disappointing to read this type of thing, I was THIS close to pulling the plug on EN for business a second time, and trying to make it work because of the things it does so well, in spite of glaring limitations like not being able to share stacks and not being able to nest tags on the business product. But this type of stuff is so crazy and dysfunctional I realize it would be a total waste of our time. And I can't wait for a year while EN decides if this "really is an issue". Why oh why couldn't EN bring out a business product that did exactly what the personal p
  20. Just imagine how confused the employees would be if they don't see that generic name tomorrow .
  21. I can imagine that, it's called running a business. When the business make a change it needs to propagate across the business. So if the manager renames a notebook that was called Cases to Projects, that's what the employees need to see so they are all on the same page, and management sends out a notification if they feel the need to avoid confusion. What about when someone changes a note, does that change or does it stay the same because it would confuse the employee ? I'm going to guess this is a bug, or was overlooked, or ignored because it would have required separating notebook wri
  22. As someone who has used EN for over four years, has accumulated over 56,000 notes & uses EN in one form of another pretty much every waking hour (certainly every hour I'm on a computer), I find it odd (and naive) that some people refer to this as "klutzy" & "limited". The traditional nested folder concept is truly klutzy & limiting, especially the more files/notes you accumulate. The needs of business users are much different than the needs of personal users. A business needs to create a structure for multiple users to work with, or you have absolute chaos. Business document
  23. To make matters worse, the "business library" is nothing but a "phony" link to a shared folder that just shows up under each employees notebook. What I was hoping for was a simple non-confusing metaphor for employees, "personal notebooks" and "business library". As it is, there is no clear differentiation for the employee between that which is private and that which is shared, because they all show up under their name either way.
  24. Thanks, as you can see I was frustrated . I did see that individual users can have nested notebooks, but that's really no different than a bunch of people having individual accounts in the first place. I was expecting that the business product would allow a company to set up a shared set of notebooks with a nested structure.
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