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  1. Wow, thank you and sorry for my off topic question.
  2. Saving screenshots for using them in other programs seems to be a real hassle in Evernote (Windows version): Step 1: Right click on Evernote icon to start "Clip Screenshot" Step 2: Click and drag to clip a portion of the screen Step 3: Evernote opens the screenclip in an annotation window (which i don't need every time) Step 4: Click on X to close the annotation window Step 5: Open Evernote and navigate to Inbox folder Step 6: Open screenclip note Step 7: Right click on screenclip to save it on my desktop Why are so many steps needed when using Evernote's screen capture tool?
  3. Filterize looks very powerful and promising. Can you really build all the core functions of Filterize with the built-in Mac scripting tool?
  4. Evernote for Windows does show pop up notifications automatically for all Reminders that are due. The user should have the choice to turn these notifications on or off.
  5. I've installed Evernote on a new Windows computer. How can i activate the new On Demand Sync before Evernote starts syncing after the first start of the client?
  6. I'm using reminders heavily, but don't need to see notifications when they are due. How can i disable reminder notifications in the Evernote Windows app?
  7. Would be more useful, if it would show every shared note. Back to saved search until then.
  8. Another question: I'm adding notes mostly on my Windows PC, very rarely on my Android device. Is the new "on demand sync" useful anyway on my Windows PC?
  9. I've shared a note, but can't see a "Shared" section in the left panel. Why? (EN Windows 304720 Public)
  10. Sharing tags instead of notes or notebooks is a great idea!!!
  11. I'm from Germany. Can you tell me the location of the Google Cloud servers for German Evernote users?
  12. First the announcement of Google Drive integration, now the move to Google Cloud. Next GoogleNote?
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