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  1. Could you put the check boxes in a table and separate the text into a neighbouring column? I'm not sure if you can turn the grid colour to white to make that more appealing.
  2. Related, perhaps: I once lost Premium because I didn't get a renewal chivvy of any kind. When I realised and reacquired Premium (without changing account name) it said I'd been Premium since the day I reacquired it. Not since when I first became Premium. I was not best pleased. :-(
  3. Right, it's almost certainly the browser (whether through an add in or not). So YOU have to be responsible for managing that bit. In my work environment (and many others) shared computers require individual logins. I'd be more concerned that wasn't happening in your case.
  4. @Physics1 Not in the Mac and not Online (the Web Client). I need both, too.
  5. Then, even better, I bet a GreaseMonkey script could access it. But, methinks I doth digress too much. :-)
  6. BTW you could inject jQuery into the Evernote Web Editor page - with a GreaseMonkey (or similar) script, @cwb.
  7. You're welcome @Jackolicious. Looks like you've got job security. :-)
  8. Thanks @cwb for the tip. It seems to me, though, that an application should come pre-supplied with sensible keys. I find Evernote a little light in that department.
  9. I always wondered about / worried about scalability with e.g. lots of notes. Sounds like it IS worth worrying about.
  10. Tables: Insert / Delete Table Row keys. Probably columns as well, though it's rarer I need to do that.
  11. Thanks @AndyDent. So it seems Evernote could be a USEFUL place to put code snippets, not a pain to get stuff out of.
  12. The problem with this is encapsulated in the question "how do these notes look on other platforms when you change the font?" Might be a non-issue, of course.
  13. BTW there are other threads about both Syntax Highlighting and (Multi)Markdown. One question: How do you expect a code snippet to get treated on its way OUT of Evernote? Somehow take out the colorisation?
  14. Now if we could only get TinyMCE upgraded - and with some plugins - in Evernote Web life would be good. @Adam does your code live well with TinyMCE plugins?
  15. @Adam Pritchard I just edited your wiki to point out that the reason Markdown Here might work with Evernote is that it uses TinyMCE albeit Version 3 rather than the current Version 4. Might have some bearing on how well or badly it works.
  16. "Simplification" the Marmite of Software Development. :-) (If that isn't too :ukus for ya.) :-)
  17. @gazumped Agreed. But... Asymmetry of feature set has never stopped them before.Web is the Lowest Common Denominator interface as everyone has it. Am I right in this, BTW?Anyhow have rolled my own low friction table editing functions with GreaseMonkey. I don't think I can share it outside of my employer - at least not until I've spoken to their lawyers. Sorry. But it shows it can be done.
  18. I've been looking into TinyMCE over the past few days. This is the editor component in Evernote Web. A couple of things transpire: The version of TinyMCE that Evernote Web is using is 3 and the latest is 4.There is at least one table editing plugin available for TinyMCE.It's a shame Evernote Web doesn't use the capabilities that are available with TinyMCE. Now, if someone from Evernote can tell me it'd be tough to up the TinyMCE game I'd accept that. Until then I have to believe Evernote Web could readily do better. (Yes, I know Evernote Web isn't the only place among the Evernote clients where people want to be able to do more with table editing but it's a place (I think) every Evernote user has access to.)
  19. I messed around with this script and came to the conclusion that you're anchoring the text in the wrong place... For an experimental button (myButton) I coded: headerInner=document.getElementById("header-wrapper").childNodes[1].childNodes[1] headerInner.insertBefore(myButton,headerInner.childNodes[3]) I think your text wants to go in the same place - next to the class="left" div in the green bar.
  20. Thanks for this script: It forms the basis for other things one could do with GreaseMonkey and the editor. It's been at least 5 years since I last tried to code with GreaseMonkey so time to take another look.
  21. I sometimes use Editorial on iPad with automation to email a note in. Not round-tripping but still.
  22. Note, while we're talking about styles, you can only use an inline style in a note. I don't yet understand why the elegance of expression of a <style> element isn't allowed.
  23. It seems to me that DOMscraping - which such an extension must do - is prone to the target page changing shape WITHOUT NOTICE. That's not a reason not to attempt such an extension - but I expect the owner to have to rework it occasionally WITHOUT NOTICE. The idea of writing an extension (and I've written one internal to my employer before) for interacting with Evernote Web is, I must admit, attractive - despite what I said above. If I did one it'd probably add table editing functionality such as "add n rows below this one".
  24. I like the idea - but when at 35000 feet in a tin can that doesn't (economically perhaps) favour internet connection that's not very helpful. I looked at the HTML that Pygment I mentioned creates and it's tough as it uses classes rather than the style attributes. The latter is what Evernote tolerates in ENML. Maybe that's only a minor problem, though. Regrettably I can't actually work on this (because my employer would probably be most grumpy with me). :-(
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