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  1. @Metrodon "they're coming from the hills..." :-)
  2. A template is fine but some smarts - like prompting you to choose dates and things from lists - would be really valuable.
  3. So again, from Beta 4 to Beta 5, I had to download directly from this thread.
  4. When I sent in the log there were apparently no footprints in it of the upgrade (from Beta 1) being tried. That might be significant when it comes to the "bad archive" problem. But then again maybe the upgrade needs more log entries to be usefully diagnostic (like any). :-)
  5. Auto-updating from Beta 1 I'm getting persistent errors on unpacking. Not sure why. Wonder if others are getting them, too.
  6. @rockky The "we're currently looking at all of editing functionality" statement could well have a long lead time to turn into better clients - if that's what they're doing. Their rhetoric on the Mac client rewrite sort of supports this. But then it isn't radically different from what it replaces.
  7. @jefito maybe one day I'll experiment but I'll surmise that anything that looks like HTML is passed through by Markdown. XML is likely to look close enough like it.
  8. @jefito Agreed: Not sure what Markdown would do with ENML - as it looks quite a bit like HTML.
  9. Actually Markdown allows embedded HTML so even the "ENML-only" stuff might be catered for. But that's not an entirely satisfactory solution.
  10. The subthread about writing tools and their relationship to Evernote is interesting. For me, when writing (usually blog posts) Evernote might be an eventual DESTINATION. More likely I'll use M(ultim)arkdown to write and I probable won't store the resulting HTML in Evernote: There's just too much work (i.e. any) :-) in getting the results into Evernote. So Evernote isn't central to my writing apart, perhaps, from research. But I'd like it to be the place I store my work-in-progress Markdown. So "round tripping" is an important part of this. And the reasons for preferring Markdown to authoring direct in Evernote are manifold but usually centre around 1) ease of use, 2) tooling on iOS and OSX (and distantly Linux).
  11. @gazumped said: "I suspect that Evernote takes the view that storing and delivering the content is their prime strength;" That's fine - up to a point. But it's the full information lifecycle its users are likely to need (not want). But in fact Evernote makes lots of forays into other aspects of the information lifecycle. Admittedly there probably can't be an open-ended commitment to content creation tools.
  12. Note: Fitbit just released an update to the iOS app that seems to track via GPS. Haven't tried that aspect yet. but presumably it's in response to other fitness trackers that DO try route tracing.
  13. I'm on beta channel but 5.6.1 hasn't been offered yet. Should I be worried?
  14. Yes, though not personally significantly affected I'd appreciate the "debrief" post: It's one of the things that makes me think of Evernote as a quality company.
  15. @Mifune That's good if you have a native Evernote client installed: On Linux there ISN'T one. (Not to add fuel to the "can we have a Linux client" fire.) :-)
  16. Sorry, it's the keyboard acceleration and wholesale row addition functions I need.
  17. @AshleyR As a matter of interest what's the issue with Firefox?
  18. At a conference this week where net access is surprisingly good. But... ... if I were at a conference / place with no net access would the reach across into LinkedIn automatically happen when I re-acquired net access? Would I be able to make it happen manually?
  19. @gbarry Is the intent to reach across to the LinkedIn app if you have it installed? And to offer a single-push way to connect with the person whose business card you've just scanned? It doesn't look QUITE that integrated yet - but I might be missing something.
  20. @marathonman the suggestion was to do it at an angle. But I'm guessing you knew that. And that it's ineffective for you. :-(
  21. Ah TinyMCE 4 again... :-) Seriously, high time we had the web interface move forward - including TinyMCE 4, plugins, lossless resizing.
  22. 60M is, I think, the monthly upload limit. I wonder why you need to backup Evernote data rather than trusting Evernote to do it. Not saying you needn't but I've never felt the need to.
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