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  1. I stand corrected on Mac: My peeve is there aren't key combos to do this. And one at a time isn't grand.
  2. Wondering why all that couldn't be achieved just by dragging the corners of the image in the Evernote note editor window.... Drag and it offers to rescale or crop. Or something like that.
  3. Apparently both <pre> and <code> are legal in ENML. Not sure why that doesn't cover the plain text need - but then I don't understand it.
  4. Plain text / Markdown, Latex, MathML and SVG: These are all aspects of the same thing: A much more polyglot approach to note content. I still don't understand why XML in its various forms (or a subset of them) isn't supported. And I use the words "I don't understand" as there's probably some reasonable engineering explanation.
  5. Maybe an aside, maybe not: Evernote seems to do formatting with fonts and divs, rather than h1, h2, p, etc. It does, at least, use li within ul and ol lists. A strange use of HTML in the datastream that, IMHO, limits its ability to do structure and outlining. It IS accepting of p and h1, h2 etc as experiments have shown - but doesn't emit it.
  6. @JMichael Nice when that's the case. And no Ctrl vs Cmd isn't a counterexample really.
  7. Sorry to revive an old topic. Is it supported to use a Data URI in a note in any shape or form? Wanting to inject generated images.
  8. Cross-platform is difficult, actually: Each platform has its own standards - and it's best to try to stick to them. But not everything is prescribed by the platform so there IS some latitude to get it right cross-platform. I think it good Evernote has separate teams working on each client, where different things can get tried out. I'd just like to see more evidence of the teams cross-pollenating. Which is a long way from talking about tabindex. Now back to my irregularly-scheduling programming., :-)
  9. Original gripe sounds reasonable. One of the risks of "make what we use" is that it gives you a potentially distorted set of use cases. Now persuade them that your use case is something THEY would like to adopt and... :-) (I actually LIKE their "make what we use" way of doing things, by the way. It's just that sometimes use cases like this get lost.)
  10. Reminders that are somehow related - perhaps with Topology or Groupedness - would help with this. By "Topology" I mean "with dependencies". So, for example a "dummy" reminder with dependencies on a group of other reminders would help. But then I've been hanging around mainframe batch job schedulers too long... :-)
  11. Thanks @GrumpyMonkey! I have Mac but might not have the data on the Mac, but rather on my work Linux PC. Hence my concentration on the Web Client. I'm actually not sure one should encourage arbitrary HTML injection into the Web Editor - but it's been interesting to see the (benign) behaviour when you do.
  12. @GrumpyMonkey Tell me more about pasting HTML into Evernote: In which client can you do that? I know enscript on Windows will take HTML (though it's been a long time). As it happens my GreaseMonkey prototype lets me flirt with replacing the note's HTML in the Web Editor. (And when it does it the resulting note is cleaned up by Evernote to remove attributes and elements that aren't supported.)
  13. BTW the web version has Strikethrough in a slightly obscure place - when there's no need for it to be. Likewise subscript and superscript and a couple of others. But it's THERE.
  14. To me we should ask for two (potentially deliverable) things: Beefing up the web client. *Asking Evernote to test with WINE and maybe even support the project actively.The advantage of 1 over 2 is that it helps a larger proportion of the user base. * I'd say the GreaseMonkey / Firefox extension approach to augmenting the Evernote Web Note Editor - and I've played with the former - can help but has limitations. Not least because they are Firefox-specific. But at least Evernote has extensions in Safari and Firefox to build on.
  15. Actually the GreaseMonkey approach has proved fruitful for me: But it IS very RYO. :-( It's a real shame I can't share my (admittedly prototypical) efforts with GreaseMonkey. And it only works on Firefox against the Evernote Web Note Editor page.
  16. It's not just that: Manipulation of tables such as rows and columns needs some polish.
  17. The Evernote rhetoric is NOT to trap your data. I remember this being said several times in the early podcasts. Not heard it for a while - but I'm sure it's still true.
  18. @weiland so you took a note on Android and viewed it on Windows? That would suggest the issue is display on Android rather than composition on Android. Might narrow it down a little.
  19. Right, @JSB-FR ... A reminder is what I needed.
  20. @jefito I know. One is an academic and I'm just married to one. :-)
  21. Interestingly, I wrote a GreaseMonkey script (that unfortunately I don't think I can share outside my employeer*+) that allowed you to change the background colour. The point of this is that figuring out what that means is an interesting challenge: Items whose background is explicitly coded in the HTML (style attribute) probably shouldn't have their background changed. Or should they? In the context of the normal clients no element will have its background style set. In the context of web clippers and apps (such as vJournal) that set elements' background colours it's entirely possible for this question to become real. * Copyright is their prerogative, not mine. :-( + If you want to know who they are (irrelevant as that is) look me up on the web. :-)
  22. You're welcome @gbarry. :-) No, it stayed at October 23, 2013. I think I've been Premium almost since I joined n years ago. Technically it's correct, of course. :-)
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