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  1. The trouble with the Veritrope script - for me - is it treats the files in the folder as to be attached. But that might be fine for others. I'd like text and HTML files to be turned into notes rather than attached to them. Martin
  2. @JMichael How would these differ in HTML terms from those created afresh in Evernote? I would think they wouldn't - given it's all HTML. Anyhow glad to retire a piece of Applescript that did the Table editing far worse than this function does. (But I learnt a lot about Applescript and Evernote along the way so happy to be retiring it.) :-) Martin
  3. Great on the new Tables stuff. I just tried it and it works fine. Slightly clumsy to have a Tables submenu but that's not a big problem. Martin
  4. @Paulo Annotation of a PDF might be something that Skitch could be taught to do - once integration with Evernote clients happens. Martin
  5. @jbenson2 I'm the same... Expenses receipts tell me when I visited a particular customer. Something I need to regurgitate as the framework of my annual appraisal. (What I did with the customer being the other bit - which I CAN'T entrust to Evernote for security reasons.) I also have an open-minded view when it comes to what I might do with obsolete Evernote notes: I suspect they become interesting in unexpected ways. The downside of keeping everything is clutter - which is why I'm corralling old expenses into "Archive Expenses" etc notebooks. And the "All Notes" view - which I use a lot - is OK in that regard as old stuff moves down the list. (I sort by Updated date - to return this to relevance.) :-) Martin
  6. @Eric Baird On your point 1) about the note storage format... I think it could withstand a little evolution. After all one day we'll get Due Date which will be a change. This is a kind of HTML, though wrappered. It's not necessarily a BIG problem to evolve the data model. But obviously the clients and third party apps would need to be able to handle it. Perhaps the vendors (and I'm not one) need some notice of an evolution. Martin
  7. Thanks @jefito. The "Anyone?" referred to writing the script. Martin
  8. The general lesson seems to be BOTH are required: We have use cases aplenty for both Created and Updated dates. Martin
  9. As a rule I'd say "the richer the metadata available the better". Martin
  10. It's probable an Applescript script could be worked up to do this. I think I heard of a search semantic that looked for checked boxes. Anyone? Martin
  11. @jbenson2 If you're used to updating notes - perhaps as you learn stuff - then Updated is handy. I tend to use it instead of Created. (I expect the Created date to be the same as the Updated date for things that don't get updated once created.) Martin
  12. Please nix the grey. And on the "list creation" thing maybe the escape key could be used to exit List Creation Mode. Martin
  13. Similar to what @Owyn said... A note titled "README" or "Description" would do - not creating yet another tag. But I do agree with the OP it would be nice to have it built in in a more semantic way. Martin
  14. I think it's time Applescript was warmed over again. Including this one and the ability to delete and update notes. I know Evernote have been leery of overwriting stuff or deleting it by a program. I don't share their leeriness: It's more annoying to have to manually delete old versions of a note when I update it - as some Applescript code I wrote does. I also think the ENScript function in Windows is much nicer than the Applescript function: I could see value in a scripting language choice. Ruby or Python anyone? (Yes I know you can interop with Applescript but it's jumping through hoops.) Martin
  15. Thanks @gbarry. It's the "enormous weight of history" thing.
  16. Not sure why I didn't notice this thread until now: I, like BnF, wanted TouchANote until I discovered it was Android only. Tagging objects seems such a natural to me. And linking them to Evernote even better: Softcopy instruction manuals are - to me - the most natural tie-in. I also wonder why we need QR and not just any small barcode. The reason, I guess, would be because you can encode a URL (a note URL?) in a QR code. (Maybe with an elephant in the unused portion of the code?) :-) Martin (who is an underachiever when it comes to fastidious organisation) :-)
  17. The problem with this is the Web (anthropomorphically perhaps) :-) views the old Evernote forums as part of its knowledge base. I've hit this one multiple times. Even just a redirect to the new with a search argument containing the query string of the Referer (sic)* URL would help. Martin * Don't blame me that's what it's called :-)
  18. As noted elsewhere can you arrange for the EN Chat loading not to hold up the general page loading in the Web Client? Thanks, Martin
  19. This may be an unhelful answer :-( but I'll venture it anyway: I suspect what you want could be done in Applescript. Certainly the "extract stuff from selected notes" piece (or query analogue thereof) is doable. Anyone feel like a FinkThriday? :-) Martin (who's already got his own FinkThriday)
  20. In the company I work for (and as this isn't about them or me I'll suggest the curious should Google my name) we have a mind-boggling array of products and we have Technical Support and Technical Sales. I'm in the latter and so I know we tend to "integrate in front of the customer" across that set of products and services - in Technical Sales. How Evernote chooses to organise itself is of course its own business. But it would be useful for Marketing (despite what was said in Podcast #31 :-) ) to do the "integration" here. Or whoever has a grip on the big picture. Now, if Heather isn't in Marketing but has a grip on the products' capabilities and differences that's organisationally interesting, but not our problem. (Actually our organisation is a good deal more complex than that but you get my drift: organisation should not be getting in the way here.) Martin
  21. +1 with a minor wrinkle: Evernote definitely should do this but it exposes more clearly the fact that some features are experimental and the roll-out is uneven across platforms. That's all fine but I wouldn't want this new clarity to discourage Evernote from being experimental. (I think there's only a slight danger of that but - speaking as someone who works in a company which has legal constraints around the way it announces things - I wouldn't want Evernote to have to commit on "day of announcement" to the taxonomy for an experimental feature.) Martin
  22. I'm assuming seeing "Chat with Evernote" but greyed out means it acknowledges I'm premium but that the service isn't currently available - it being 6:34AM Pacific Time. Correct? Thanks, Martin
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