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  1. Well, the latest update is that: They are aware of the problem. It’s a real problem They’re working on it. They don’t get around to all of these issues on Evernote Community Support, but they love you anyway
  2. Except that they’re available off of my phone, and my computer, which says that they ARE working. For some reason not coming into my iPad.
  3. Mark: While I can understand, and share your frustration, get real, dude. The guy from Evernote is just telling you what's going on. The reason that we have an Evernote Fujitsu scanner is because companies like Fujitsu couldn't have given a rat's ass about the small biz and home market FOR YEARS. You want to be neglected? Go try and deal with them for a while. I used to, before Evernote. It wasn't pretty. Why is it late for the Mac? Mac rides the back of the bus at a PC-driven company like Fujitsu. The software that you're complaining about is made by Fujitsu, not Evernote. To tr
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