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  1. 3 years later from my oe post. Embarrassing that this feature is still missing. Get a grip EverNot!
  2. Yep, bloody annoying and the print size is also wrong (Tahoma 10 prints as a 14 or maybe even larger), both reported a good 2 months ago. How is it that a billion dollar company can't even get the fundamentals right? And before the "I run a paperless office" brigade pipe up, some of us cannot and/or don't want to - although we do respect wood!
  3. People use forums for help. Now we've sorted that issue, they can go away with self-esteem intact.
  4. There are some right condescending gits on this forum. Looking at your post count, you need to get out more for some vitamin D.
  5. How do you export to PDF as some have suggested -- I don't see that option? Thanks
  6. Great, now if only my notes would import passed 900 I'd be sweet. But on each import it gets stuck. Anyone else had such issues? I'm on Premium EN. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your response. Why do people have to keep messing with stuff that works fine?
  8. You're absolutely right Alan. How is that they can't just get the fundamentals working without constant problems on Evernote for Windows - which surely is their flagship OS? Note Taking, Editor (with bg highlighter), Formatting, Printing (by page number), Syncing to server without conflicts, Web Clips. That's all I want in a note taking app. I'm not bothered about chatting, sharing, making chilli con carne - please just let me take sodding notes securely! And relax...
  9. So after 15 pages have we agreed that OneNote is the best EN alternative for Windows? Bit of a disappointing result if so. I think I'll end up building my own simple note taking app which actually prints by number of pages, and at the size as on the page and not HUGE! These 2 things really do my head in! And I forgot underlines appear more like a strikethrough. Word actually does all 3 without any issues, maybe that's where I should go - back to basics. Can I really go back to OneNote, 4 years after leaving?
  10. I'm experiencing this issue as of today, almost 2 months since the last post. Not good.
  11. When creating a new notebook, I'm no longer asked if the notebook is Local or Synchronized. Anyone else and is this correct? Thanks
  12. I'm not saying this happens to everyone, but this happened a few times in the past with my Android mobile and it had such a negative impact. Syncing just did not work. so now I just don't bother with any mobile device and syncing. I keep it very simple and stick to my desktop where I know my extremely important notes are safe. And I back up notes weekly. Highlight 'Notes' menu > right click > export.
  13. Yeah Windows. Sad that I have to effectively check every individual notebook to know it's status? Also I'd like EN to display how many folders you have used and/or inform you when you get to 250.
  14. But how do I now establish which folders are local? I don't see a settings cog on my desktop as recommended below. Any ideas? "Currently, the easiest and only way to do this is by: 1) Clicking your Notebooks from the lefthand navigation 2) Then click the Settings Cog 3) You will now see if a radio button selected for if it is local or synchronized."
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