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Evernote Android App UNUSABLE

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I am a very long time - 14 years - paid evernote user, I've paid for years and years (was a professional account, now personal). I am on Android 12 (Pixel 6Pro) and Evernote app version 10.28. For multiple weeks, I am unable to get the Evernote app to open at all on my phone. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to take my username and password, and the same username and password works fine on a computer website. I have tried clearing the cache and storage, removing and reinstalling the app, rebooting the phone and I've tried those in different combinations. 

I need access to my notes on the device. It is unacceptable that it does not allow login and using the app on a mobile device.

Please respond.



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I have a solution from Support chat. Apparently the fact that I use a password manager for my unique/long/complicated passwords is the problem. i have to manually type in (not use the app, not use copy/paste) ever time I need to login to my app on my phone. That is inconvenient. But, I need to be secure. Sigh. Another mark against Evernote.

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Sorry that this is the issue for you although I'm pleased you know the reason. My password manager works just fine with Evernote v10 on Android so perhaps a different password app might be a solution.

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1Password does the job for me, no issue.

Sounds as if there is something special about the way how Bitwarden pastes the password. Maybe it is interfered by the hidden password field - it will only show after the Email / user field has been filled.

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I use KeepassXC. I store the master password file in Google Drive which makes it available on my Android devices and on my PC. All synchronised as I go along.

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