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  1. I am also interesting in finding out if there is a method to import individual LiveJournal entries to Evernote. I stopped using LiveJournal some years ago, but my posts are all still online and it would be great to archive them in Evernote, ideally with the original date stamp preserved on the note. Any suggestions?
  2. I have noticed I have this issue with Evernote on iOS7. The flash stays on when I want to capture on image in "page" mode. There is a toggle button to turn off the flash, or to set it to "auto", but when I hit these, nothing happens, and the flash stays on. The effect of this is on certain paper types there is a white "burst" on the image. I have reverted to just taking pages in ordinary photo mode to circumvent the problem (flash turns off in normal photo mode no problem. Anyone else still experiencing this problem? I am running the latest version of Evernote for iOS, on an iPhone 4S.
  3. Agreed. I like the release in general, but I'm finding the scroll bars a little too thin. In particular the scrollbar for a docked note on the right hand panel. Difficult to see and to grab,
  4. +1, for Irish users, who also use the 21/6/13 format.
  5. I am still experiencing this issue. It does not happen every time I click on a note in the Windows client, but occurs enough for it to be an annoyance. It has been happening to me for a substantial period of time at this stage. I have not noticed the same bug on the Mac version. My Windows client is also up to date, as far as I know, version
  6. Conversely, this is actually a feature I have wanted for a long time. i always found it annoying that the modified date (which I usually sort my notes by) updated when I added or removed a tag. It makes my notes management easier.
  7. First impressions with Reminders are very good. Very slick on iOS. I wonder is there any funky way to integrate this with Siri? For me, since it came along, telling Siri to "remind me to..." creates a nice reminder in iOS Reminders app really quickly. It's made the iOS Reminders app a killer app for me, and replaced other To Do apps. If Siri were to somehow be able to link in with the new EN reminders functionality, so I could dictate a reminder, that would be brilliant. Up to now, I have just been able to email to EN from Siri to create a regular text note.
  8. Hi David. It is sometimes referred to as "selective sync," and the Evernote CEO has said the feature is "inevitable," but I am afraid it is not here yet. It would be nice. I stripped all of my attachments out of my account last summer because my account got too big for my Macbook Air (a couple dozen gigabytes). Now, even with thousands of notes, I don't even have 100MB in my account. If you are interested, here's my thinking on it. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29245-how-to-optimize-your-evernote-experience/#entry173506 Thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear "selective sync" may be on the roadmap. I guess EN may have concerns around folk just signing up for an account just to use it as a digital storage locker if they introduced it, but I think it's critical as established users continue to build large volumes of notes. Stripping out PDFs as you have done would certainly reduce the size significantly (some of the stuff I scan in can be pretty large), but that kind of defeats a core piece of functionality within EN, the ability to search documents quickly.
  9. As my EN account gradually increases in size, the disk space it takes up on both my personal MacBook Air, and my work Lenovo Windows 7 laptop increases, to the point where I currently don't have a whole lot of free space left. I'm sure this must have been discussed or requested previously, but it would be great if there was the ability in the desktop versions of EN not to download certain notebooks locally, but leave them on the EN servers. This would be similar to the way EN for iOS works. If I could only download certain notebooks onto my local drives on my laptops, and leave less-frequently accessed ones on the EN server, it would free up a good chunk of local drive space. The problem of EN taking up a lot of local drive space is not critical for me right now, but as months move on (and EN is supposed to be a 100 year company!), and my volume of notes gradually increases, this will become more of an issue (I plan on being a EN Premium customer for the long haul). Is there any prospect of this functionality being added to EN for Mac and Windows? It could be a Premium feature. David
  10. Overall, I really like the update. Well done to all concerned. Some specific feedback on the beta: - Bug: The primary way I like to manage my notes on a day by day basis is by sorting notes by date updated. Sorting this way gives me a quick way to browse through all my new notes, and process them if required. However, I have noticed that with the new version of EN, it seems to be very sensitive in changing the "date updated" stamp on a note. It seems that just clicking on or in (I think), without making changes to a note, updates the date updated. Therefore, if I go back to read an old note, it jumps up to the top of my list of notes even though it could be months old. I have not made any actual changes to it, just clicked within it. This bug is the only really annoying bug I have encountered thus far. - Would also like to see the top toolbar customisable with shortcuts, instead of the sidebar. I have a MacBook Air 11", so screen retail space is at a premium. I always kept the old sidebar list of notebooks/tag/etc hidden to free up space, and used the shortcuts at the top instead. - However, since we do currently have the sidebar, I also like the ability to drag individual notes to shortcut area & recent notes feature. Also like search improvements - love type ahead feature. - Seems to be some negativity in the Atlas discussions about. I like the feature. It's a bit of fun. - Bug: I like the CMD-J shortcut to jump between notebooks, and then into the search bar. However, after activating the search bar, when you CMD-J back to the notebook list, the search bar drop down contents are still visible, and obscures the selected note. - Some discussion above about note counts. One convoluted way of figuring out the total number of notes in your account is when you are viewing a subset of your notes, to click CMD-SHIFT-A and it will display all your notes, along with the total number at the top of the card view.
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