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  1. Thanks for your comment. > The web client always is on the last version Not in my case. I didn't disable "Enable V10+ web clients" setting by myself. It was the default setting at least for my account with approx. 10k notes. I thought I was using the latest V10 web client, but actually it was V5. They look very similar actually. Still you can use V10 Android client with the account. In my case with V10+ web setting disable, V10 Android client crashes, hangs, fails to upload, fails to download, sometimes doesn't even start. Totally useless app. I found this cure just by luck. I guess other accounts might be saved with this cure.
  2. Account > Personal Settings > Web Client > Enable V10+ web clients (Performance for large accounts may be slow) https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action I enabled this setting, and all severe problems I was complaining for long are all magically solved.... Not just for Android client, but on other platforms, Windows, Mac, Web, Evernote clients are fully functional, more reliable, and run at reasonable speed. This is my first time to see V10 runs fast and do something properly, so it's kind of a touching moment. Unfortunately this is not the solution provided by EN support. I was getting help from them and sent them logs and all, but they never mentioned this.
  3. On my device, with the latest 10.10 client, I can not create any new notes at all. Not a photo nor voice nor even a single character can be saved. It's like this ever since updated to 10.x. Of course I had asked customer support for help, but they told me "the issue has been reported for further investigation, but at this time there is no timeline for when it will be addressed". If your 10.x client is slow but at least works, you are lucky.
  4. Though it's completely unusable with my main account, I've just noticed Evernote 10 client works fine with a newly created account.
  5. Find V8 apk somewhere and install it. V8 Evernote is more than 10 times faster and much more reliable.
  6. I have never experienced note duplication, but I totally agree with you that the latest Evernote client is 100% useless.. The latest Evernote client is 100% useless. Using it is 100% waste of time. Use V8 apk and forget about V10.
  7. やってみたけど、私の端末だとそういう動きにはならないですね。ここに書いてもEvernoteの中の人は対応してくれないから、サポートに投げたほうがいいですよ。少なくとも相手はしてくれます。
  8. Problem solved. I have copied a V8 Evernote app from one of my Android devices(luckily not updated yet) and everything works now on both Android.
  9. On Android smartphone, I was totally happy with V8 app. But right after updated to V10, nothing works now. No exaggerations. This is the buggiest application I have ever seen. It can not open any notes I have created so far, it can not upload anything at all. All it can do is to show three titles of my notes, on the newly introduced fancy home screen, and the titles don't open the note even if I tap on them. I really wonder anybody in Evernote can actually use V10 app in any productive ways. Except for debugging. I'm not trying to be sarcastic. This app just doesn't work. I need V8 Android app back, because V8 worked.
  10. I just updated to the latest version of Evernote on my Google Pixel 3 XL, and as far as I can see it's much slower now, almost unusable. Which part of performance has been improved?
  11. I am with you. V10 client is the slowest, and the most frequently restarted, the most frustrating app in my system. This software seems to be a pure failure. This offline client sometimes requires more than 20 seconds to load 20 bytes of text note from my SSD fast enough to transfer 40 GB of data for the time. No significant improvements from the initial release. Evernote should stop trying to improve the slowest ever software. You should re-write it.
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