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  1. So I'm full in on deleting all the tasks when I get to zero. The OCD nerd in me hates deleting them, but the rest of me realized, who cares, they're done. And it's almost a catharsis now: "I finished every task in this note... DELETE THEM." In my heart of hearts, I expect the problem to be solved. And the overall helpfulness of tasks vastly outweighs the nuisance of the workaround! So don't let it stop your show!
  2. No, sorry, they're not. I was so excited that the "add a new task" was gone (when I filter by notebook; feels more like a fluke than a plan) that I thought both were happening. Yes, I see how stupid that sounds. My workaround plan is delete all tasks in a note when completed, but that's pretty weak.
  3. Well, well, well. I see that I just hadn't played with it enough. You CAN view the task list by notebook. (View by tag would still be helpful). You CAN decide to not see notes with completed tasks (by hiding completed tasks). And it's no longer showing me "Add new task" in each note on the task list (though I have no idea how that stopped) Thanks again, Evernote! This is a game changer! Pep
  4. First of all, thank you for tasks. A true game changer! For me (and I imagine others), the ability to list tasks by notebook or tag would be extremely helpful. Much of my workflow is organized by tag or notebook, so it would be great to see all tasks in notes with tag, "this week" or the notebook labeled "B2B projects." Also, it would be great to have the option to hide notes on the tasks list where all the tasks are completed. Also handy would be the option to remove the "add new tag" space which makes the task list longer and more unwieldy than it needs to be. Thanks! Pep
  5. Hi all. After today's update (Android v 10.7.2), a weird problem appeared in my Evernote. The Notebook list went crazy! Some notebooks listed several times, stacks empty, but the notebooks listed under other notebooks. It's super weird and kind of scary. All the notes seem to be there, but the notebook list is awful. They are fine on my PC desktop edition (version 6.25; old school), but on both Android devices: (Galaxy tablet s7 and Galaxy Z Flip) they went haywire. They are also fine on the web. Also fine on old Galaxy tablet s4 running version 8.13.3. So it's something with the new Android update. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does Evernote know about it? Thanks, Pep
  6. I feel you and felt the same way. My solution, in the end, was reinstall the old build which I had no problem with. Meanwhile I just got an S7, and EN works great... but it should've worked great on my old device too.
  7. I'm working on an Android Samsung Galaxy S7 (with 8GB RAM, so a fast device). I marked five notebooks to be downloaded, and days later they are not nearly downloaded. They have a lot of notes, yes, but this is a LONG wait. This was never a problem with the old build. Is there a trick to downloading the notes? I need them offline for when I'm on a plane (a rare occurrence these days, but it happens!). Thanks, Pep Rosenfeld
  8. I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 running Android 10. I was (and am) excited about the new build. But when open the app on the tablet it takes 45 to 50 seconds to open. That's a long time to stare at that "Just a few moments... we're setting up your new app" screen which I see each time I open the app. Also what's the ETA on: * widgets * being able to email notes (more important to me) And finally: there are two types of check boxes, one that fills with a green X and one that kind of crosses out the item when you check the box. In the new build, a green x version turns into a cross-out version if you hit enter after creating an item. Can this be disabled? Thanks! And again: look and feel and note editor are great in this new build! Pep Rosenfeld
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