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  1. 3/27/19 I had 9 days left in cycle and 63% of my quota remaining (so 21 days used and 37% of my quota used). 3/28/19 Today my account shows 99% of my quota remaining and monthly limit resets in 8 days. I'm not complaining but I'm a Plus subscriber and like to keep an eye on my usage as I go through the month as I sometimes hold larger files (>20 MB) in a local notebook "just in case" and then move/sync them right before my month resets.
  2. Oh my gosh, I am so late to this thread and catching up on all the hooha! I've been so busy just using my current version of EN on the daily that I've been ignoring the updates (WHY am I still on a version that has the forgetful focus issue?!) and completely missed the re-brand announcement. I share the opinions of most of the folks on this thread and in the comments on the Medium article so see no need to reiterate what's already been said. But I read the Fast Company article and this sentence really stuck out to me: [The visual elements provided by DesignStudio] were all designed to lo
  3. Ooooh, I've not exported multiple notes to HTML before but I think I can visualize what that would look like folder-wise. I will play with it tonight. Thanks!
  4. I just noticed one of the notes I just edited has a completely empty table in it and I'm like, whoah, didn't this table used to have images in it? I confirmed the affected note in a backup database is intact with its table images so yeah, it did, and they're all gone now. Cool, I can totally fix that note. BUT. This sparked a memory that a few days (or weeks) ago, I was doing something with a note and it had an empty table in it and I thought, that's weird that I put a table in a note and didn't put anything in it...? Well now I'm thinking that note probably used to have a table in it that con
  5. Thanks for the feedback all! I've been on 6.11 since making my original post but I'm throwing in the towel on it and rolling back to an earlier version (still haven't decided which yet). I simply CANNOT with the forgetful focus/cursor thing that is occurring in the last two releases. Without testing my theory in depth, I have noticed that this bug appears to be limited to notes that are visible within the client as opposed to notes opened in a separate window, but since I do most of my editing within the client this is currently a deal breaker for me until it gets fixed.
  6. Which way do I go, forward or backward? Currently on 6.10 and the last few releases have (for me) been plagued with too many issues (most notably two BSODs in two days) and I'm finding myself wanting to roll back to a previous release. Any suggestions for which version? Or should I take a chance on 6.11?
  7. Whoah, there is definitely an issue with this release! I just got my second BSOD in as many days, and both were triggered when I clicked on a note containing a PDF in EN. I thought the long delay between selecting a note and it loading was just my PC being finicky but I can see now I'm not the only one experiencing this so the EN client is the likely culprit. @gazumped, thanks for the info on the release thread. Will be posting there as well!
  8. Mentioned this also in the "Problem in version" thread but I just got my second BSOD in as many days, and both were triggered when I clicked on a note containing a PDF in EN.
  9. Okay, wow, I was just coming to start a thread about this and on one hand glad to know it's not just me but on the other hand, THE OP WAS MADE 2/16 AND THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE?! This is a huge, huge problem. (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387) on Windows 7.
  10. Y'all, I'm cranky today. I spent the weekend reviewing and cleaning up all 8000 of my notes because I stumbled upon two issues recently: 1. When I copy images from the Chrome extension I use to do full page screen captures, they haven't been coming into Evernote as images but rather as mystery files. Although the image is visible in the note, EN does NOT recognize it as an image resource. Now this may be the extension's fault rather than EN but I needed to first find and identify all the notes where that was an issue and then fix all those notes anyway. 2. I found two image notes w
  11. Upvoted. I upgraded about three hours ago and I thought I could just ignore it but I hate it. I have "New Note" on my toolbar; I don't also need it on the left panel, especially a bright green circle with a plus sign in it. :::sigh:::
  12. Hmmm. I would check what version I'm using but sadly this is my every day, multiple times a day. One thing I'm noticing I have a huge problem with is anytime I delete an image from a note (possibly other resources like PDFs as well, but I mostly work with images) I get "not responding" and there is a huge lag between deleting the image from the note and the note becoming editable again. Now granted my Win7 work PC is sorely due for an upgrade but I experience the same issue on my newer Win10 at home. I would much prefer to see less bells and whistles in the product and have it work
  13. I *just* tried this and so far so good, though it's only been about ten minutes! I also want to note that it removed the Context "Show" message at the bottom of my notes. Thank you for the workaround - wish I'd seen your post before making my cranky whiny post above!
  14. Ugh, yes, I am getting this too after an update to the Windows client. When I was a Premium user I completely disabled the Context functionality. I then dropped down to Plus when I came up for renewal. Fairly recently I uninstalled/reinstalled the client and rebuilt the database on my work PC due to the seemingly never-ending "not responding" issue I get. Unfortunately, in so doing it re-activated Context (the "Show" "feature" you're seeing on notes) and I CANNOT DISABLE IT NOW BECAUSE IT IS ONLY A PREMIUM OPTION. (As in, Context doesn't even show up for me under Tools > Options because I'm
  15. I used to have a Premium account, downgraded to Plus on renewal because I really didn't need the extra features in Premium and I am also bitter about the price increase. On one of my PCs, I started having way too much "Not Responding" lag time so I uninstalled the client, ditched the database folder, reinstalled and rebuilt my database hoping that would speed things up. As part of that I have to re-set all my toolbars and settings, etc. No biggie there. Unfortunately though, my fresh install has unearthed the Context option and I cannot seem to figure out how to turn it off. I had it turned of
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