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  1. @Candid - you're 100% right. Writing is much better for learning and (brain) memory than typing. Where it makes sense to type instead of write is for things like shopping lists, notes etc etc where you don't need to be able to recall the content off the top of your head. @s30311 - I've also heard great things about the live scribe and your comments makes me even more tempted to go get one. Imagine... using the Live Scribe with the new Evernote Moleskins - capturing exactly what you've written as text and photo. Awesome!
  2. Hi Ever-fans! It's the 30-day paperless challenge at the moment and that's an awesome idea, by the way. When I found out about the challenge I was actually in the final stages of writing up a post on going paperless. Of course, there's plenty of mentions of Evernote. Anyway, I'm keen to hear your feedback on my post. Did I miss anything? Did I give you an idea or two (or three)? Was it helpful? The post is here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/3-ways-to-go-paperless/ Thanks!
  3. I'm using Mac. Couldn't see a way to export a single note, only to export all notes into an archive.
  4. Is there any way to check the differences between a conflicted note and the original? When you have a sync conflict issue and the note is big, scanning through them with your eyeballs can be problematic. Is there a way to "Compare this to the original" or "Compare this note to..." to simply highlight the differences between the two?
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