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  1. You will need tp download their installer because they use their own file format, but it works great.
  2. Yes, that example was not a good one but this new hierarchy can be used like this, Especially if you are not a tag person. I am a sort of tag person but I like to organize by notebooks as well and this can give that one step more orgainisabilty for notes.
  3. Introduction: We all know that Evernote uses the system of notes and notebooks. The notes live within notebooks and the notebooks can be stacked into stacks. This is a true reflection of the hierarchy of notes and notebooks in real life, if you want more flexibility you use tags. This is the way it is and has been in Evernote, as the hierarchy is made to reflect that of the real life. However there is one type of hierarchy that can be used in notebooks in real life that Evernote does not have. The Idea: we all may have had notebook form time to time, by that i mean actual physic
  4. hmm that should work, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling? here is a link that may help you: help - for evernote
  5. yes, @PinkElephant i was thinking of suggesting that he uninstall all versions and clear data then reinstall them to see if it fixes it but i felt that if this was a issue with notes rather than a display bug then he could lose notes, and these could be important notes and that would be not ideal for anyone especially when you have a large amount of notes then you would only know that you have lost a note when you come to need the note, the best advice then would be for @FunkyPlaid to get a support ticket with EN and hopefully it solves it.
  6. i feel that they have gotten rid of switching to the old editor, to switch you will have to switch the browser EN to old EN which may or may not be a good option for you. you can switch by going to account info and there will be an option to switch to the old EN. if you need any help make sure you reply with my name or qoute.
  7. Thanks for your help guys but do you know how to fix the note discrepancies between non legacy version as @FunkyPlaid is suffering from that as well. also the local notebooks should not be a problem because en(new) already searches for those and even if it missed it will pick then up again, and again if it didn't do that you can manually do that by changing one line in a json file, therefore i don't think that local notebooks are the problem. however it may be for the legacy that you @PinkElephant are right but he will still have the issue for the non legacy version. i know what you are saying
  8. that is a understatement but i understand what you are saying. i want to say something about this but i will respect the rules and the subtle warning. I don't want to blame anyone because i don't know what circumstance they are in and i make it a rule to follow that, but the frustration that they are making is quite a lot. that is super annoying because in the last update and the new update they are being more frequent and i end up clicking them because i don't think that they will appear so quickly, i tried the legacy version and virtually no spamm just occasional rem
  9. This should not be hard for a large company like that, i know many people who as a small team or duo that do this singlehandedly while having other jobs, with a large customer base as well -rem****, I am starting to question the integrity of their developers.
  10. try re-scanning it and re-uploading. alternatively you could upload it form another device or into another notebook then move it to desired notebook later. Hope this help, its not a fix to bug but a way around.
  11. ok @DaveGey i am sorry for the inconvenience, even though it is EN that should be apologizing (which they never do). Lets hope that this gets solved in the new update.
  12. wow this is a serious issue, i am shocked this has not been solved by now. I am quite new so i myself have not experienced this so i am not able to help. I can see your frustration, however have you tried taking a support ticket with Evernote, i understand that with Premium you get direct email support with them, even if this does not work there are ways to DM the Mod/staff in this forum/site so have a try and see. To warn it may take a few days for them to reply through here and much more through the support ticket. I will also like to see this issue resolved because this is very true:
  13. while going through the forums i spotted a bug that could help you with your problem, i have not tested this method which is what i would normally do before recommending anything to anyone, since your bug is very unique. The bug is that when you encrypt the text the text loses all special characters/ special formatting or any formatting and turns it into pure plain text. I don't now if this bug works on everyone but if it happens on your as well the try encrypting the text and decrypting it again to remove any unwanted stuff that could be interfering with it. if this works then this will be th
  14. unfortunately as good advice as that is it is not helpful to this problem and you never know the situation he/she is in.
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