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  1. I appreciate your response, but it doesn’t look like you read the details of my post. It’s not appearing as a shared notebook issue for me and forcing sync doesn’t solve the discrepancies. There are c.400 fewer notes on the server as on my desktop clients, and neither version matches with the server or each other. Can’t do housekeeping when the doors are all locked, and we shouldn’t have to.
  2. I'm re-posting this issue that I've seen pop up again and again on these forums going all the way back to 2014, and nobody seems to have a definitive explanation or an answer for what's causing the discrepancy between note counts across devices. Any official responses I've seen have been "known bug" claims, but this is something that hundreds of users have been mentioning for a very long time and it's still not fixed or explained. Some users have offered their takes, but none that I've seen have solved the problem. Simply put, the total note counts don't match up across any of my devices
  3. For me it's about two things: full control and visual information. Considering that EN is intended to sync multiple platforms and devices all at the same time, I want to know that syncing is in-process and when, and also when it's not working and when. I'd also like the ability to manually push information instantaneously instead of waiting for intermittent automatic syncs that I can't affect or set. This is present in the iOS and iPadOS versions of the app, so I find it strange that it's not also an option in the MacOS version.
  4. Are we now relegated to using pre-determined text colors rather than having access to the standard Apple Color Picker? Does this mean that all previous text colors have snapped to this limited set of colors?
  5. The new version of EN looks great in Dark Mode, but previous version had the option to retain light note backgrounds even while in app or system Dark Mode. Is this still possible in v.10?
  6. It appears that the new version of EN no longer has a force sync button or any obvious way for us to manually apply a server sync. I do see the 'All changes saved' status in the lower right-hand corner of the note window, but I'd like to know if this functionality is gone forever now.
  7. Right, the option to remove spell-checking in the Edit menu is not present in the new version of EN. It would be great to put that functionality back in ASAP.
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