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  1. I agree with the initial request. The creation of an implied hierarchy in your tagging convention is really a work around to systems that didn't allow you to create a natural hierarchy. I used to have to do this with gmail until they allowed logical label hierarchies a couple years ago. In JMichael's case, typing "training" should instantly show all his tags related to training regardless of what root tag tree he has created. Should not create too many unnecessary hits IMO However - having a preference for this would indeed be best of both worlds.
  2. Another vote yes. This is the way the Windows version works, and I find myself going to my Windows laptop to use Evernote as a result
  3. Another +1 to "bring back" email notes from the bowels of the menu structure. Points have all been made as to the usefulness of the feature and the comparative inconvenience of the workchat for unrestricted sharing. (and a -1 to the semantic scholar who'd rather lecture us on the definition of deprecate)
  4. This is really a horrible design choice by the Mac team. I use the share function to email notes all the time in the Windows version I use at work. Not even a keyboard shortcut to share via email. As an editorial comment - they are driving people to use the workchat feature (hubris) forcibly (or via inconvenience) to justify what they think is a slick new feature. When I tried sharing via workchat - the email the person receives doesn't even have the shared not in it. They have to click through the email. Why make it a hassle for people you are sharing with? No to mention the fact that the person you are sending it to doesn't have it in offline mode and has to do an extra step.
  5. One more vote for nested tags Unusable for me without them.
  6. Nested tags are certainly available on the Android client. Unfortunately you cannot move them around in the hierarchy, at least at this time. Not sure what you're saying. To nest tags on the Windows client, you must use the mouse or trackpad to drag one tag on top of another; you cannot use the keyboard to do this. This also works on the web. I cannot testify to Mac behavior.I am curious though -- what is the proposed keyboard only method of doing this? A copy / paste operation? That's about the closest I can come, but even so, you'd need to be able to navigate the tree with your keyboard -- I guess there's Explorer methods for that, though. I know this is old post - but in answer to question - Windows EN allows you to right click tag and directly add a subsidiary or "child" tag in the nested hierarchy. Does involve one mouse click. But puts tag immediately in correct taxonomy / hierarchy.
  7. Perfect assessment - my first reaction was that this was the "dumbed down" tablet version. Absolutely need ability to see lots of my notes listed in nested fashion as a way to truly organize my thoughts. In particular the lack of nested tags makes it unusable for me. Only use case is for slamming in a quick note that I'll file later. But if that is the case, I'll just use my mobile device - never the web app.
  8. kweirman

    Nested Tags

    Actually, I don't believe that they do. I use nested labels in GMail myself, for example I have "Fun"and "Fun/Games". When search on "Fun", I don't get emails labelled with "Fun/Games" included. Unless I've missed some GMail trick, this doesn't work as the original poster wants. innovation sometimes happen because you hear people.Just because google may or may not have it, this would be a nice feature and it belongs in Evernote. "innovation sometimes happen because you hear people." ?? I have no idea what this means, or what relation it had to what I actually posted.kweirman made a claim about how GMail labels work. I was surprised, because my experience is that that GMail doesn't behave that way, and that's what I posted, along with an opening to show where I might be incorrect. That's all. I implied nothing about what Evernote's behavior should or shouldn't be, and my post contained noting that should make anyone think differently. As it happens, I've been in favor in favor of having Evernote search take advantage of tag nesting for over 4 years and have posted on it many times -- including specific recommendations via-a-vis the search query language, and UI operations -- in these forums. Been a while since I've been here - but just wanted to let you know that Gmail does work the way I described but you may get unexpected results since it only does the top couple hits. To use your example, if I have labels "Fun" and "Fun/Games" if I search on "Fun" I'll get both labels. If I search on "Games" I'll get "Fun/Games" as one of the hits. Another better way to do this is to use the "Label:" syntax in your search to only look for labels (aka tags).
  9. I agree - huge problem. Works "correctly" on Windows platform but not on Mac or Web. Evernote - please please please fix this!
  10. kweirman

    Nested Tags

    "the way one would expect" is not universal nor definitive. ACDSee Photo Manager, a well respected photo organizer that has been around for several years (and is not inexpensive), treats tags the same way. Yeah, but Gmail labels (aka tags) work exactly like CMagnuson describes and wants. It's just logical - you create a taxonomy and your search should abide by it. It's illogical the way Evernote tag search is designed.
  11. When adding tags on Evernote web, "type ahead" finds all instances of tag names that match - including letters / words within a longer tag name. Add Tag (on main screen) in both Mac and Windows will only do type ahead search on left to right basis. Example: Tag name is "United States" Trying to tag a note by typing "States" in Mac / Windows version. The tag "United States" will not be suggested.
  12. Now have 5.04 on Mac. Tag management is pretty much a disaster. I understand how the full screen editor works - very over engineered. Can't believe we lost the elegance of simply right clicking to add a subordinate tag to a tree. This is a fundamental design construct that everyone expects in any piece of software over the last decade (minimum). Please note that tag management is/was one of my primary decisions for selecting Evernote over other systems in order to implement GTD. Note that I am using a work around of having two EN windows open at a time (one for the full screen tags, and the other for working).
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