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  1. New notes should start in title field (or at least have an option to start that way).
  2. Also an issue on MAC version. When adding a tag to a note, I should be able to type "Ideas" to get the 4th tag below, but can only add it by entering string left to right (i.e. "Land").
  3. Was very excited to see the email someone a note option is now back, but when I tried to email myself (using email account associated with my Evernote account), the "Send" button is grayed out. I can put in a fake email, and click the cc myself box, but that is nonsense.
  4. I prefer to have my checklists numbered. The new version checklists are not numbered. The old version would auto-add a checkbox when you hit "return" I prefer the checkbox instead of a checklist in that the checkbox does not strike out the line - which is preferable to me. My thought is to leave in the new checklist functionality (perhaps force "done" items to the bottom - like with Apple Notes) - but reinstate the checkbox functionality that allows granular control of where you want checkboxes - and it helps you by adding it. Don't want to do multiple clicks to add the checkbox each time.
  5. Absolutely essential to be able to email notes. Feature taken away on new Mac version. I see the web version has actually improved in that you can directly email a note instead of having to be forced through the work chat feature. Now, if I want to share a note (totally discount work chat feature as you can't assume the rest of the world has Evernote, and I don't want them collaborative editing my stuff), the only way to do it is to cut and paste.
  6. Another vote yes. This is the way the Windows version works, and I find myself going to my Windows laptop to use Evernote as a result
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