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  1. You can be lucky to be able to export Evernote at all. My Legacy version takes about 40 seconds to export to a single Enex file. The 10.7.6 version takes more than 5 minutes.
  2. Indeed, I cannot send the Note to the address I used to register Evernote. Why developers had this twirl of thought, I can only guess.
  3. Hi, Sharing and emailing a Note does not work for me. The "send" button is grayed. I have 10.6.9, Windows 10
  4. Newest. Update from Google play. Images are now visible. But still freezing after trying to send activity log
  5. I see now, that on Google Play the Evernote update to v.10.x has disappeared. An update brings me back to v. 8.13.3
  6. Apart from the images, there is the issue of freezing the program when I try to send the activity log to the helpdesk. I found the APK file for the 8.13.2 version on the Internet, and installed it. That, together with the Legacy version 6.25.2 for Windows, made me a more or less happy user of Evernote again.
  7. Since the Android update january 14, I cannot open images in my Notes. Every Image gets an exclamation mark from Evernote. Thanks guys. And I when I open the activity log , the program freezes. The helpdesk asked me then to send the activity log. Do they read my complaint?
  8. It seems that in v. 10.6.1 this will be solved? Considering the frequency of updates, that will be another couple of months . As a Premium user, using French, German, Dutch, and English language in Evernote, I find this extremely annoying. I feel myself treated as a moron.
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