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  1. Thanks for the tip. Just tried it, but after encrypting and decrypting again the result is still the same in te new app. I think I'll stick with the legacy app for now 😞
  2. Just downloaded the legacy version and there I can perfectly copy the script and use it in my terminal app like it should be.
  3. I would rather not go back to an older release because I like some of the new features. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I sure want to try that. Any idea where I can find that option to switch back? I think it was only there for a given time and not anymore now.
  5. checked in the web-browser. In Firefox I cannot insert a code-block, in Safari I can. Created a code-block then in the same note, pasted the code there. Restarted my evernote-app, and the code-block is not visible there. When I do it the other way around (create text-block in app) it is also visible in the browser. Regarding the support-ticket: I have to upgrade my account then before I can actually log a ticket. But I do not want to upgrade if this is not resolved... Chicken & egg situation 😞
  6. There is only a problem when I paste the code into a terminal. And not that it's all on one line. I get errors when I run the code in the terminal because those 'spaces' are not actually spaces but some other character that cannot be interpreted by the terminal. For instance in line 2 from the sublime screenshot you see no 'dots' for the first two characters (before the 'when'). In the text I type you do see those 'dots' clearly on line 15 before the 'where'. For new scripts I will try to remember to paste them in code-blocks, but I have several (no idea how many) existing notes
  7. attached a screenshot from the evernote-app and also one from within sublime In the sublime screenshot you seen the pasted text from evernote and under that some plain text I typed. In the selected text you can see that in the pasted text there are no 'dots' visible that are showing for spaces. In the typed text you can see the 'dots' for the spaces. So some other character is used there and that gives problems when running... I am not running a beta-version anymore now, and I'll see if I can log a ticket. Thanks for the link
  8. What do you mean with an image? Screenshots or something else? I mentioned it a few times on the dedicated pages when I was beta-testing as well, but that did not help apparently. And do you know where I can open a support ticket? I can only find the forum (or I'm not looking in the correct place)...
  9. pasted the existing script in a code block and copied that text (from the code block) but the result is still the same
  10. Problem is that I cannot connect from the Mac to the servers (vpn connection). but even if that would work I still have the problem with the scripts. Even when I paste them on my Mac itself to run the problem is the same
  11. it is in a lot of notes. Another thing, but also related to formatting. On a windows-machine that I connect to I launch Evernote in a browser. From that windows-machine I copy output from putty-sessions and paste it in a note. When I open that note on my Mac in Evernote for Mac the 'enters' are gone, so output from several lines is just visible on one line. But when I open that note in a browser on my mac (Safari, Firefox) the layout is perfect. I can also copy that output from the browser to a word-doc and the layout is preserved. When I do that from the app itself it's all on one l
  12. the commands are realy just plain text. Spaces in the commands are not seen as spaces when pasting them. Simplify formatting does not help either. The result is the same. I can see in a text-editor (I use SublimeText here) that the spaces are not actually spaces but something different
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