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  1. Yeah, no luck with restarting Evernote =(. I haven't had the opportunity to reboot the computer yet though. Regardless, hopefully this issue gets flagged and fixed. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for the response! I doubt it's being caused by another app, because if another app were taking over the hotkey, I would expect it to be broken for other programs, too. But it works everywhere else. It's only Evernote where it doesn't work. That, combined with the fact that, historically, Evernote's Windows client has been notorious for being very buggy, leads me to suspect it's a bug. I'm using the latest stable release, Thanks!
  3. In the "Tags" View (reachable by Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T), the keyboard shortcut to "Rename" a tag (F2) does not work. Thank you, Andrew
  4. I thought the whole point of the CEO's letter at the beginning of this year was to assure users that Evernote would finaly start focusing on CORE FUNCTIONALITY, rather than putting out tons of features? It was a great promise, but honestly I haven't seen follow through (although I grant perhaps there are a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements). PLEASE fix this! Thank you!
  5. Same here. What's the point of having shortcuts if they don't actually take you to the shortcut? Please fix this!
  6. @atangel, you said earlier that "Good UI design cuts across platforms." Interestingly, I was talking about my difficulties with Evernote's UI with my sister, who uses a Mac, and she showed me that the tab functionality works fine on the Mac desktop client (at least for tabbing from title to note--I didn't check the rest). Odd that they would enable it in one desktop platform, but not the other. I hope the team focuses some more attention towards Windows.
  7. @BurgersandFries, I appreciate that you have 62K notes and have been using computers for 37 years. But if someone told me that they had two-finger typed for 50 years and written thousands of pages of text, that would not convince me that touch-typing is not still faster, better, and core to productivity. As @ianfm said, keyboard navigation is just faster and more productive. My first job after college was your classic shark tank environment--huge emphasis on productivity. My boss would actually stand over some employees to make sure they did not use the mouse, to force them to learn proper keyboard navigation. That's how much faster it is. For a lot of business professionals, especially in fast-paced industries, proper keyboard navigation is a must. Evernote markets itself as productivity software (especially Evernote Business). By the standards of productivity software, these things are important and basic issues. I'm pulling for Evernote and really hope they address them.
  8. On a similar note, @Jefito, after going through this exercise, I'm still not convinced this wouldn't be a very "easy, no brainer" fix for Evernote to implement. I'm open to changing my mind, and it sounds like you know much more about this than me (I don't even know what "tab keep" or a "static dialog" is). But I just feel like if a biology major with no engineering background could figure out how to get this to work in an evening of Googling (at least it works on my computer), Evernote with their 140-150 engineers should easily be able to implement this. It still seems like neglect / oversight. Having said that, I agree that Evernote is an incredible product and vision, and getting 80 million users in 5 years is an INCREDIBLE feat. I guess bottom line, my feeling is this: Evernote has done INCREDIBLE things in the past 5 years, and clearly has an incredible team…but I feel like in certain basic areas, they are severely underachieving.
  9. It's funny, I've been going back and forth on that. Your sentiment was exactly how I was feeling for a few days. But then I wrote this script to fix tab behavior. And I remember thinking, "Okay, I want to make {Shift+Tab} move you to the *previous* field, EXCEPT in the note bodytext field. Because, in the note bodytext field, the user is going to want to use {Tab} to increase indent, and {Shift+Tab} to decrease indent. So I'll make a separate hotkey for the bodytext field ({Ctrl+Shift+Tab})." And it worked fine for bulleted lists, but it wasn't working at all for numbered lists, paragraph text, and checkboxes! I would press {Tab} to indent the list item, but then when I pressed {Shift+Tab}, instead of decreasing the indent, it would INCREASE it again. I was sure I had broken {Shift+Tab} functionality. It was driving me crazy. And then I figured out that this is how EVERNOTE works. It's a bug on EVERNOTE's side. And that's when I swing back to the other side of the pendulum and think that Evernote really has neglected its Window's desktop client and core note-taking features. Or, as their CEO himself said, focused too much on growth at the expense of details and quality (link). Because here's the thing: I'm not a paid Evernote employee, I have no experience in programming, software development, or user design. I have no illusions about my ability to build software. So it's crazy that somehow *I* was being more conscientious about debugging and making sure basic functions worked.
  10. So I did a little Googling, and figured out how to write a script that makes the tab function work in a logical fashion, using the scripting language Autohotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/). I figured I should be a good citizen and share it with you guys =P. I've included two attachments. The easiest thing to do would be to just run Evernote Tab Fix.exe. Alternatively, if you don't want to run a .exe file, I've included the full code in Evernote Tab Fix.ahk. If you want to look at the code, you can open up that file in Notepad or any text editor. To run Evernote Tab Fix.ahk, you will have to install Autohotkey (www.autohotkey.com). I have zero background in computer science, this is just something I did in my free time, so don't expect anything fancy. Also note that in Evernote, I use List View (Menu -> List -> "List View"). I didn't check if this would work for the other views because I never use them, and I was really just doing this to improve my own workflow. Here's what this should do: As you would normally, open Evernote, hit {Ctrl+Alt+F} to go to the "Search Box" As you would normally, type in your search, press {Enter} Press {Tab}. This will bring you to the "Search Results" As you would normally, use the arrow keys {Up}/{Down} to select which search result you want Press {Tab}. For the selected search result, this will bring you to the "Title" field of the note. You can edit the "Title." Press {Tab}. This will bring you to the "Bodytext" field of the note. In addition, {Shift+Tab} should move you to the *previous* field, in accordance with standard window behavior that @timfg noted. This should also work in Single Note View (when you open a single note in a New Window). Exceptions While {Shift+Tab} will generally move you to the previous field, I specifically made it NOT do this in the "Bodytext" field. Instead, if you are in the "Bodytext" field and want to move UP (to the "Title" field), you will need to use a different keyboard shortcut: {CTRL+Shift+Tab}. I designed it this way so that you could still use {Shift+Tab} to decrease indent (ex. iIf you have a bulleted list, you can press {Tab} to increase the indent, and then {Shift+Tab} to decrease it). PLEASE NOTE: While {Shift+Tab} works to decrease indent for bullets, it does NOT work to decrease indent for numbered lists, checklists, or normal paragraph text. Instead, it will INCREASE the indent (basically, another {Tab}). This is NOT because of my script. I was going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong…and then I disabled my script, and realized that this is EVERNOTE's normal behavior. Another example of an oversight that really should be fixed. I know this thread was about tabbing behavior from the "Search Box" -> "Search Results" -> "Title" -> "Body," and not the "Side Panel." But I figured while I was at it, I would enable tabbing functionality from the "Side Panel," too, so that {Tab} would send you from the "Side Panel" to the next field ("Search Box,"), and {Shift+Tab} would send you back. For some reason I couldn't get that to fully work. {Tab} works in sending you from "Side Panel" to "Search Box." But {Shift+Tab} will not send you back. It's off topic and not a functionality I use, so I didn't want to waste more time trying to fix it. If there are any *real* programmers that want to tackle this, be my guest =). Hope this is helpful! Evernote Tab Fix.zip
  11. Thanks GM, that's very helpful, and quite welcome news. I've definitely had the distinct impression that Evernote has traditionally been more concerned with adding new features rather than improving existing / core ones. That's understandable. I'm sure it's much more exciting and interesting for the developers to innovate in the mobile space, or pioneer novel features, than to work on basic features in the desktop client--features that are "old news" and have already been done many times in the past by other companies. Probably better for the resume, too =P. But if there's a real top-down focus on improving the user experience & core features, then I'm heartened, and glad I've stuck with Evernote all these years =). Hopefully I'll finally see improvements in the areas that I care most about =).
  12. I received a private message agreeing with me, but essentially saying that this has been brought up before and not to expect Evernote to do anything about it (which again makes me think that Evernote just has its sights set elsewhere). So maybe this will be a more productive tact: I'd strongly recommend that the Evernote developers who are working on Evernote Business observe how investment bankers use Microsoft Excel. Inputting and manipulating data is extremely quick and easy, and completely navigable from the keyboard. In a lot of professional settings, this is the standard and is what is expected for productivity software. The other (admittedly very cool) features of Evernote would not be nearly as important as efficiency in inputting and manipulating data. Thanks for listening, best of luck on future development!
  13. Thank you for the replies and suggestions. @GrumpyMonkey, thank you for the workaround. I do use the shortcut to create a new note. But it still doesn't make sense to me that you can't tab from the title field to the text field. I'd be curious to know what the rationale for that is. It would be extremely, extremely easy to implement, and would be rapidly adopted by most users since it's a standard feature in software. I don't see any downsides, since right now pressing [TAB] from the "title" field does nothing. I'd also be curious to know the rationale of why tabbing from your search box brings you to the notebooks, instead of your search results. It just doesn't make sense to me. @GrumpyMonkey, I know you said a lot of thought is put into these things, but really find it hard to believe that these aren't just oversights. It just feels as if Evernote is focused on other features ("Evernote Market," "Evernote Hello," building an app for every platform in existence, etc.), as if the team is focused on growth opportunities in other areas rather than improving the core user experience of note-taking (at least on Windows--I can't speak to other desktop clients). One quick example that popped up right before I responded to you: Evernote's shortcut for bullet points is Ctrl+Alt+B. Evernote just set the shortcut for Skitch to also be Ctrl+Alt+B. So now I can't set bullets via the keyboard unless I log out of Skitch. The most basic thing you would do when assigning a shortcut / hotkey would be to make sure it doesn't conflict with an existing one. Sure, I've seen developers accidentally make conflicting shortcuts, when they forgot about existing shortcuts in OTHER common applications...but overlooking shortcuts in *your own application*? It just doesn't seem like a lot of thought is put into these decisions. I'm sure Evernote has a great team, so I'm guessing this is because their minds are focused elsewhere. It's just disappointing to me that, after all these years, the Windows desktop client still doesn't feel mature. I've loved Evernote's vision ever since the service launched. I've given Evernote an honest try many times, but it's never managed to become a core part of my workflow because of the poor note-taking experience. Evernote's feature-set is great, but at the end of the day, the most important thing for me is that *taking notes* is easy and fast, and Evernote lags far behind its competitors in this respect. Whenever I try to make Evernote a regular part of my workflow, it inevitably becomes a bottleneck in terms of speed. The Evernote team is clearly very capable--it's extremely impressive what they've accomplished in other aspects of the service. So it doesn't make sense to me that they would be lagging behind their competitors here, unless it's simply due to oversight. Anyway, I figured rather than keep wondering why Evernote kept adding bells and whistles and seemingly de-prioritizing the core user experience, I should vote with my voice. Great job to the team though! Evernote is nevertheless extremely useful, and does a lot of things that other tools do not do nearly as well. Even if I'm not happy with the state of the Windows desktop client, I'm amazed at how far Evernote has come as a whole in the past 6 years. Unfortunately for me, the speed bottleneck continues to preclude it from being my primary note-taking tool. I know the team has a lot of priorities to juggle, but I hope this is something that is looked into in the future.
  14. I'm an Evernote premium user, mostly because I support the vision of Evernote. But I can never recommend Evernote to a friend, and am considering canceling my premium membership, simply because the Windows client is SO poorly designed. Using it honestly feels like pulling teeth, especially compared to the smooth experience I get with other programs like OneNote. It seems like very little thought has been put into even the most basic, expected features. Examples: I create a new note, and fill out the title. Now, I want to fill out the body of the note, so I press "tab" to go to the next field. Instead of that bringing me to the next field, as EVERY OTHER text editor I have EVER used does, the Evernote Windows client deselects everything! And when I press tab again, it brings me back up to the window to select notes! This makes absolutely no sense. When a user fills out the title of something, the next thing they will want to do is fill out the body. Not to mention, when the user presses tab, they expect to be brought to the next field. This is very basic. I search for a note in the search box. When the search results come up, what will I want to do? Select from the search results, of course! Not to mention, the search results are directly under the search box, which you would expect to be the "next field." So I would assume that when I press "tab" to go to the next field, I will be brought to my search results. Instead, "tab' brings me BACKWARDS, to Notebook selection! This doesn't make sense whether you look at it from the perspective of the user's workflow, or from the perspective of the layout of the page. I have to press "Shift+Tab" to go from the search box to the search results, which is completely backwards, and honestly makes me wonder how much thought went into basic user design.These are very basic UI issues, and it's really shocking to me that Evernote has not addressed them. I wish the team would put more thought into these very basic issues. It's crazy to me that the team puts so much time into all these new features and extensions, yet hasn't bothered to focusing on basic issues, like making NOTE-TAKING on your computer a fluid and pleasant experience.
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