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  1. Original poster here. I'd like to see Evernote improve its synchronization technology. I just did a test with Google Docs, and when I type on my desktop, the letters appear on my laptop within about .5 seconds. Frankly, I don't need a .5 second response time like Google Docs has. But I do need a 5 second response time. Fixing synchronization so that it is within spitting distance of gDocs would take a big engineering effort. You'd need "always on" connections to allow "push" messaging, and the messaging protocol would have to be redesigned around the idea of sending single acti
  2. I've switched my setting to Automatic to see how it works. Faster is better.
  3. Oh, wow. So it sounds even faster than "Every 5 minutes." Thank you, CalS, for your answer. I want the fastest syncing I can get because I have multiple devices that I switch between quite frequently on some days. I want the synchronizing to "just work." I guess that if I change notes when I switch devices, that would argue for choosing "Automatic," because every note except the last edited on that device will be up to date on the server (at least soon after). However, if I work on the same note on different devices, but with a pause in between, that would argue for choosing "E
  4. Hello, What exactly happens when we set the synchronization period to "Automatically," under Options>Synchronization>Synchronize? Does anyone know exactly how frequently in syncs? Thanks!
  5. Hmmmm.... Perhaps time to unsticky this post? See attachment. My general feeling is that I'm glad you're looking into this. It was a brave move to use html as Evernote's default file format and it feels like the corporation focused more on evangelism and adding new features rather than truly wrangling the HTML into submission. I think it needs to put some effort into that if it wants to come off as a more polished application.
  6. Heya, folks, Has anyone else found that they like the recent updates that have come out recently (maybe 2-6 months? I don't know the exact time period). I read the media accounts of Evernote's failures before deciding to dive in, and decided to jump in anyway because I wanted a powerful app where I could really get work done. Keep didn't even have character or paragraph formatting (pathetic) and OneNote didn't impress me either (I'd rather buy from a small, hardworking company than an ex monopoly). Anyway, when I saw a general lack of refinement in the app (little details felt
  7. In terms of a hypothesized Evernote apocalypse, you can add me to the list of people who aren't concerned. With 100 million registered users, I think that it wouldn't be long before we saw importers for .ENEX and .EXB files. It sounds like they are built off of common file formats. Their philosophy that we own our own data is so very important. Also, I find the "The Verge" interview quite compelling. The new CEO sounds like he has his head screwed on right and is ready to build a strong foundation. The product isn't as polished as I'd like and presentation and work chat do nothing for me,
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