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  1. I have to agree. Seems like this is a problem which is depending on circumstances and technical environment. When I started this issue I was using my desktop (w10 pro) at work. While checking the new web version later at home also with w10 pro the issue seemed to be fixed. Today again at work the problem continued with Version 10.2.2..
  2. check if the image ist included as file or just displayed via hyperlink... I sometimes was / am faced with this problem when images for example were only clipped as reference instead of as file (mostly caused by the source-page)
  3. That is the reason why the former solution in the legacy version was better by far: Source url was saved and to edit only in the note info field. clickable additional hyperlink field in the ui allowed fast access to the source-page all source-urls of notes to merge were collected from source fields and integrated in merged note as working hyperlinks, easy to follow by click
  4. Print-Problem seems to be fixed with new web client version v10.2.1 (at least in Chrome and Vivaldi): Printout now delivers more than one, just all pages - even including (rendered) copies of (pdf-) attachements... A bit of information or announcement by Evernote about fixing this and (which?) other web client issues wouldn't have done any harm...
  5. Did you read the posts above? So far there seems to be no way to turn off or to adjust the (Chromium-Electron-) spellcheck in this version. May be this will change or be added in the coming updates, may be included with the pronounced reintegration of preferences.
  6. I think there is no to realistic way to distract us and the alltime everywhere rants in the power user group . But this won‘t change anything anyway. EN will go its way, may this be our way or not. There will probably be very serious decision regarding with with the „EN“ board mentioned by Ian Small. We shouldn‘t forget that EN isn‘t a non profit organization nor the Salvation Army. EN is in majority in the hands of venture capital firms. These firms have been financing EN and waiting patiently for years for success and profit. The decision to hire Ian Small and to build the system c
  7. That is what I would bet on too. Fast-syncing from all plattforms to web-server would open a door to the Evernote-world for nearly real-time collaboration. Real-time collaboration may not be on the top-wish-list of the actial power-users (even not on my list), but it could gain a new and growing market of paying future power-users...
  8. If I try to print out my longer note with Evernote Web v10.11 in FireFox (latest version) and Windows 10 Professional I get only 2 pages, 1st page with the very first part of my (far longher) note and 2nd completely empty. It doesn't make any difference if I print to my printer, to Microsoft Print to PDF or to ADOBE PDF. (though printing to ADOBE PDF takes longest time and delivers only 1st of 2 pages...). This bug is a big issue if you want to discuss about your notes, to archive them on paper or as PDF-printouts, to share them with others and... This need
  9. That's why I believe they will try to satify this group as much as possible anyway. But if I look at the responses I see many opinions that are diametrically opposed to each other. E.g.: Some demand for more fonts and colours, others appriciate the simplified and unified options for editing and layouting text. Those (power) users who ask for Markdown would probably tend to the latter position. I think (and hope...), a core set of productivity and workflow functions with a bit more integration in the operating systems will come back, others may not. In some aspects the former EN may
  10. At least he meanwhile got quite a Corona-hairstyle... 😉 conclusions for me: EN seems to be surprised by the number of problems, which didnˋt occure during beta testing, at least not this urgent or often EN is willing to concentrate on fixing things for the next time EN wonˋt spent very much time or energy for a minority of users (e.g. 1-3%), even though they might be power-users EN plans to add functions and features, which a bigger number of users might have been looking for. This on a rather regulary base during the next 6 to 12 months... o.k. - that could b
  11. Be careful, the situation on windows is even far harder than on iPadOS... you’d better wait and see...
  12. Who says and who really thinks, there is still a chance? The decision for unification, at the end with Elektron, was made more than 2 years ago. As far as I can see there had allready been long discussions abaout pros and cons regarding Elektron - before the decision and during "reconstruction" of the new Evernote. We now see a complete different Evernote product on nearly all plattforms except of Android (which might come soon..). It surely will not be by accident, that all these versions start with 10.x, leaving out 9.# on iOS, 8.# on MacOs and 7.# on Windows. This seems to sp
  13. @Dmitry Mi Isn't this the 3rd issue where you posted this screenshot? Did you try the tipps and advices by @PinkElephant in the other issues? Please don't cross-post...
  14. Confirmed - just the same impression on iPad 2018 (with only 32 GB..). Much faster, big improvement regarding this
  15. sorry, but your mentioned and linked contend isn't to see, at least for me. (may be content from a closed forum or a beta-tester forum, where most of us might have no permission to read... screenshot instead ?!?)
  16. Thank you for this report and advice... (as well regarding the ScanSnap Software) 😉
  17. This unfortunately is not a simple bug. It's more a known issue and hopfully temporarily decision by EN as published yesterday in the Announcement "What's new in Evernote for Mac":
  18. see: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889214: this leeds to: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313358
  19. O.k. - got your point. Probably it is not only a question of a larger panel for search result suggests. As well a smaller font size / (css-) redesign might be helpful.. (in comparison to the old „legacy version“ nearly all fonts and lables seem to be more adjusted to a web-like design...)
  20. The legacy version of the actual/old version Evernote_6.25.2.9198 as well is to find and to download via the Evernote article "Install an older version of Evernote" on https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314.
  21. Are you talking about the action „search notes“? - This should be still available via shortcut with F6. For a complete list see keyboard shortcuts listed in the actual article "Keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807)
  22. I guess this is only the panel for suggests for search result. Probably you get a better to read and to scan result list by fulfilling the search with „Enter“?
  23. ... and as additional fast-info: As mentioned by Shane the legacy version of the actual/old version Evernote_6.25.2.9198 is to find and to download via the Evernote article "Install an older version of Evernote" on https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314
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